Sundancing with the Stars

XMinolta 594 Any of you that follow my tweets have probably already picked up on the fact that all of us at Rave and Review have been hanging out in Park City, Utah this past week living it up at the Sundance Film Festival.  We have been enjoying all their beautiful snow and sun, especially since it doesn't look like the Pacific Northwest is going to get much of either this year and having a great time meeting people from all over the world.

Even though we will be on our way home soon, we are really excited about all the great companies and brands we have met with that we will be working with this next month to bring you some really awesome reviews and some great giveaways.  We even have put together some Sundance Swag Bags that we will be giving away to readers with some of the cool stuff we found on our journey.  If that wasn't enough to be excited about, there's going to be some Sundance footage compliments of our friends at Cinemek that we will be posting later this month with interviews and more from the festival. 

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  1. THat is so cool! I would love to go out there sometime. Did you get to meet anyone famous? Really, for me it would be all about the scenery and people watching. love it!


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