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“A Yummie Tuck for Your Morning Muffin”

This review is part rant and part rave, because raving about this product made me realize just how much I need to rant about women’s clothing in general.  The rant starts like this: remember when jeans weren’t all super low rise and made of “stretch” materials?  I do.  I remember when the jean size you put on at the beginning of the day was the same size you were wearing at the end of the day.  I absolutely despise that some mornings I feel like I am struggling to get the buttons buttoned and then by the end of the day the same jeans now don’t need to be unbuttoned at all to pull them off.  Maybe it’s just my build, which happens to be curvy, or maybe it’s that there are super secret jeans out there that I need to find out about.  But, whatever the case, I hate getting dressed in the morning and staring at muffin top only to be yanking up my jeans by lunch.  And while I am still working on a jeans solution, Yummie Tummie has at least solved the “morning muffin” issue for good. 


Their line of contoured shapers is unique in that 1) they actually are contoured… like people are and 2) they shape said contours better than any other item on the market.  When my daughter was born, I was left feeling partially pregnant and partially just fat and I tried every body shaping product I could get my hands on to feel semi normal again.  When I first put them on in the morning, they actually seemed to work and I felt better about my fragile body image for a few short hours.  But, as the day wore on I would get more and more uncomfortable.  The shapers with stiff boning were out because they were hot, uncomfortable and, well, bone.  Plus, I found that they wiggled up as I wore them, and would end up poking my already distressed chest until I just couldn’t take it anymore.  So then I tried a shaping panty, which was horrible – hard to get on and off for quick bathroom trips but was ironically prone to rolling down when you were trying to keep it up.

So then I reverted back to my pregnancy Bella Bands and found that they weren’t that effective in offering postpartum support.  Not to mention that without a pregnant belly, Bella Bands will wiggle up and drive you crazy faster than your newborn’s sleeping habits.  And, as if the lack of support and the pulling and shifting wasn’t enough, the Bella Band’s material had a grabbing effect on anything I wore over it, which caused my loose, flowy shirts to be anything but flowy and I felt I looked more like the poster child for static cling.    

And now the rave goes something like this: Not only does the Yummie Tummie solve all of these problems, the solution seems so easy it makes you wonder what all the trouble was in the first place.  The Yummie Tummie has no stiff parts to poke, does not shift, roll or shimmy while wearing and the tummy portion is made of a material that does not cling to other fabrics.  Ahhhh, at last!  Not only does the Yummie Tummie make you look sleeker and smoother, it actually makes you feel better.  The magical tummy panel offers support without ever being uncomfortable…. no, scratch that, it offers more comfort.  While wearing the Yummie Tummie I stand up straighter and feel more confident – even with my super low rise jeans. 

Product-details1The Yummie Tummie line is marketed as the only shaper/smoother that doesn’t need to be hidden.  You can wear them as undershirts under t shirts, cardigans, sweaters, you name it.  Some styles even lend themselves to being worn alone without a cover at all and some are best just peeking out the top or bottom of a layered look.  I’m not sure I would feel completely comfortable wearing most styles alone, but others are more like shirts than undershirts and could easily be pulled off with the right outfit.

They have a large selection of styles that come in 10 different colors, so there is a Yummie Tummie for literally everyone.  Some have slinky straps, some have sporty straps, some have nursing access and still others are true t-shirts.  Check out their website to see which style suits you best.  Their website is cute and easy to navigate, but is mostly made up of drawings of the different styles.  If you’re like me and require pictures of actual models wearing the different styles, click on the individual items to see more pictures.  Follow their sizing guide carefully and go with your biggest measurement – the Yummie Tummies are not extremely stretchy, as that would defeat the shaping properties of the tanks and tees.  I fell between two sizes and ended up going with the larger size and I’m glad that I did.  The bust panel and hip panel are both made of minimal-stretch cotton and their measurement is even more important to be exact than the tummy panel measurement which has a bit more give to it.  Yummie Tummie even offers extra long length, which is perfect underneath tunic tops for those of average height and a god send to us tall folks who are always bemoaning that nothing ever comes in our size. 

I adore my Yummie Tummie and I have just one compliant – I wish that Yummie Tummie would go into the jean making business and solve all of my wardrobe issues once and for all. 


See Belly Dance Maternity to see the Nursing Yummie Tummie Tank
Price: $62 to $72 for basic styles, which is more than the average undershirt, but less than the cost of replacing all of your skinny jeans and form fitting sweaters.

Looks: Casual to Classic to Chic, and everywhere in between.

Overall: 4 marks out of 5, losing only one point for price.  If I could afford it, I would own the entire line.

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