A Valentine’s Treat for You – Tatiana Henley Nightshirt from Keep Me

Tatiana Henley Nightshirt

What’s the softest thing you can think of?  This Nightshirt is softer than that.  It’s like a cross between silk, satin, rayon and cotton, without being like any of them individually.  Okay, I realize I’m not making any sense, but that’s because something this soft is literally indescribable.  I know, because I have searched everywhere for a better description of what I am experiencing and the best I can come up with is a jumbled definition of materials that is better left to the professionals to describe.  But that’s never stopped me from trying.

ZumaBeach So, what have I come up with in my diligent research, you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  My first stop was the Keep Me website where I saw their entire line of luxurious loungewear and dreamed of someday owning the entire collection all for myself.  But, in the interest of time and limited web capacity, I forced myself to choose just one tantalizing item.  I chose the Tatiana Henley Nightshirt because I loved the double button-down front and thought it would be practical since I am still breastfeeding and I thoroughly despise every nursing nightgown I have ever seen. 

I’m not a huge fan of nightgowns in general, partly because they always seem a bit uncomfortable and partly because they make me feel like I am on Little House on the Prairie.  But, even I was won over by Keep Me’s classic take on the Henley Nighshirt and decided to give it a try.  The item description listed it as “modal spandex”, which meant literally nothing to me.  But the picture made it look soft and slightly rugged, so I thought it would be perfect for all the family snuggle nights we had planned with our new baby.

TatianaNightshirt-GillianHeadband%20copy When the Nightshirt arrived I couldn’t even believe the sumptuousness of the gown and was so eager to try it on.  After what felt like the longest day ever, it was finally time to snuggle.  Once I slipped it on, I couldn’t believe it, but the Tatiana Henley is even more lavish than I had anticipated in my 12 hour daydream. 

It was so soft that I just had to find out what I was wearing and why everything that touched my skin wasn’t modal spandex.  So, the internet savvy gal that I am, I did a quick websearch.  Feeling a bit let down after my Wikipedia search, I did a quick Google search and found that modal is a type of rayon and is often blended with cotton, or as is the case with the Tatiana, spandex.  According to www.wisegeek.com, modal is an incredibly soft fabric that holds up well when washing and wearing:

In many ways, modal acts like cotton, but it also has some significant advantages over cotton.  Originally marketed as "artificial silk," modal is soft, smooth and breathes well. Its texture is similar to that of cotton or silk. It is cool to the touch and very absorbent. One of the advantages of modal over cotton is its resistance to shrinkage, a notorious problem with cotton. Modal is also less likely to fade or to form pills as a result of friction. Its smoothness also makes hard water deposits less likely to adhere to the surface, so the fabric stays soft through repeated washings. Modal drapes well and keeps its shape, even when wet.

So, in a nutshell, it beat cotton at its own game.  One touch of Keep Me’s Tatiana Nightshirt and you will understand what I am talking about; distinctly luxurious and far from uncomfortable or dowdy, Keep Me combines their super soft material with sexy cuts that are anything but ordinary.


Visit their store locator to purchase their tops, bottoms, underwear, dresses and jackets locally and internationally.

Price: $97, making it higher priced than a normal nightie, which makes sense because this is not a normal nightie.  This is one of those cases where you just need to see a product to justify its higher price tag.

Looks: Down to earth high fashion that is perfect for sleeping, lounging or just looking pretty.

Overall: 4 marks out of 5, losing a point only for the higher price, but making up for it in that it is a small piece of luxury that you can enjoy every day.

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  1. I just want to say thank you so much for your blog i give this links to my partner in life,then after he saw this he had a surprise to me this last valentines i must say that this is a romantic day for me. Just keep posting i am looking forward on it.


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