Monster Jam back in Seattle again

Monster Jam Seattle

I was super excited when the opportunity arose to take my own kids to see Monster Jam’s return to Seattle after a 20 year absence. I had really wanted to take them to see Monster Jam in neighboring towns, but we never were able to make it happen. After seeing the show live this weekend, all I can say is that we should have gone sooner.

The LEGO Batman Movie hits theaters today!

Sponsored postThe newest LEGO movie is out today, and kids everywhere are busy trying to talk their parents into taking them to see the LEGO Batman Movie. So, I’m Image001betting you’re wondering if you should take your children to see it in theater or just wait for it on DVD? The short answer is yes, you definitely should schedule a theater date.

When the first LEGO Movie came out, we were all big fans. In fact, we’ve spent way more time singing “Everything is awesome” than I’d like to admit, as well as having added “Kragle” to our regular vocabulary. The LEGO Movie was one of the few movies that parents, grandparents, and kids could all agree on, and as a result it quickly became a must-own DVD when it was released.

In addition to introducing us to exciting new characters and taking us deep into the world of LEGO, another standout part of the first movie was the inclusion of the beloved LEGO Batman. So, as soon as we heard a LEGO Batman Movie was in the works, we were all very excited to see it as soon as possible. IMG_2037

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Any guesses what our newest DIY project is?

This fall I've been hard at work collecting fans, switches, PVC pipes, and all sorts of other parts to make a little DIY project that my son is going to flip for this Halloween. Any guesses as to what I'm building? Don't worry, I'll post here once it's finished and share the step by step … Read more

Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR is now in theatres everywhere

Earlier this week, I got to attend the pre-screening of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR at the Seattle Science Center IMAX theatre, and it was amazing. That may seem like an canned response because at this point we’re all pretty familiar with how superhero movies work, and I always appreciate a good Marvel film. But, with … Read more

Go on, ask me anything

Sponsored postBy Tyler, editor and reviewer

Now that I've been doing the Jenny Craig program for a while, I've reached a point where it's become obvious that I've made some changes in my lifestyle. People are asking questions about what I've done and when I say that change has been Jenny Craig, it just leads to even more questions.  WP_20151028_002So I thought I'd just put a bunch of the usual questions people want to know up along with my answers all in one place for everyone to see. So, here are the questions I get asked, starting with the most frequent.

FAQ about the Jenny Craig program

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Connected cars of the future with AT&T – and a Wi-Fi device for the rest of us

Sponsored postBy Tyler, editor and reviewer

I’m going to date myself here, but I remember when the coolest new thing in car technology was automatic windows. Now cars are just a series of connected computers that have built in screens and navigation, satellite radios, safety features to protect you from dangers you can’t even see, and cameras everywhere. It makes logical sense that the next step would be making these integrated computers connected so you could have Wi-Fi on the road, and that’s definitely the way things are headed.

Last week we checked out the latest and greatest in car tech as AT&T’s guest to the Seattle Auto show and what stands out the most is the connected car of the future. We got to take a spin in the 2016 Volvo XC90 and got to experience the awesomeness of a connected car firsthand. I’ve always been a Volvo fan, and this new model definitely did not disappoint. IMG_2694With a modern stylish exterior, gorgeous interior, comfortable seats and excellent visibilty, I was immediately impressed. Then after driving it and being surprised with the power delivery from the 2.0 liter 4 cylinder that runs on regular unleaded, and seeing how well all the connected features work, I decided I absolutely need to see about getting some extra time behind the wheel. IMG_2692


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It takes a team

Hubby and I RRBy Tyler, editor and reviewer

You know that feeling when you've been working all day and you fight traffic to get home and all you want to do is sleep once you get home? I drive for a living; I get this feeling almost every day. And, it's going to be getting dark even sooner in just a few weeks and the feeling is only going to increase. 

But, I know I can't just come home and veg because it's not good to go from sitting in traffic during the day to sitting on the sofa at night. Some days I just need a little motivation to get moving, to eat better, and to just be healthier. Here are just some of what helps me keep going towards a better me:

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5 fall activities for families

Sponsored postBy Tyler, editor and reviewer

This week we say goodbye to summer and the freedom that comes from not having school to wake up for. From now until late spring we will be on an earlier schedule, packing lunches, and spending evenings doing homework and getting ready for the next day. There won’t be as much time for late evening walks once the sun starts setting earlier, and it's going to start getting too cold for shorts and t-shirts soon.

But, it’s not all bad because it’s also the week we officially say hello to fall. Oh fall, how we’ve missed you. As much as I enjoy spring and summer and all the adventures we go on during the warmer months, there is something really special about fall. Fall pictureBoots, falling leaves, scarves, sweaters, coffee, pumpkin everything, and crisp, cool nights are coming and I cannot wait. Another bonus? Being able to get outside and stay active without overheating. No more worrying about slathering on sunscreen numerous times for even tiny walks to the park, and no more staying in shade most of the day to avoid direct sun. Fall is the time when we can finally bring the kids outside and just a daily sunscreen does the trick.

Here are just a few ways we like to stay active on a beautiful fall day:

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Staying active as a family – 5 dad-approved activities

Sponsored postBy Tyler, editor and reviewer

We don’t get to a gym much these days. As much as I would love to blame gym prices or the fact that we don’t have much time for gym workouts, the truth is that we’re not really gym people. We want to be, we really do. But, we like to go new places and explore different areas around us too much to spend our free time in one room or running a specific path. Our gym now happens in backyards, on playgrounds, and at parks, for better or for worse.

Recently we’ve been taking advantage of all this gorgeous sunshine and warm weather to get outside with the kids as much as possible. But, all of this getting out and walking means that we’ve exhausted all the parks near us and our need to explore new places starts creeping in. There are only so many times I can stand on the edge of the neighborhood park or in our backyard and cheer them on while they show me that they can go down the slide… again. These two adults? We want to move and play, too.  Hubby and IClearly, our evening routine needed a shake-up if we’re going to get serious about getting healthier, so I took it upon myself to make up a list of games for the family that are fun for everyone and get us all moving.

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Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron opens today – here’s how to convince your wife to go

Sponsored post Image009by Tyler, editor and reviewer

Today is like a holiday for all Marvel fans as it marks the opening day of one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Avengers: Age of Ultron. I couldn’t be more excited as I love all the nostalgia of the super heroes of my youth and watching them change into what they are today – richer, and more evolved characters that do more than just fight crime.

My wife, who grew up with musicals and chick flicks and then grew to love dramas of all kinds, thinks I’m crazy. This is what happens when I ask her to see blockbuster super hero films with me in theaters: 1) She tells me I can go and she can watch the kids. 2) I insist that it’s more fun to see it together, and besides, we could use a date night anyway. 3) She finally reluctantly agrees. 4) On the way there she asks me what the movie is going to be about as if I helped produce it, not just viewed a trailer or two.

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