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A big thank you to Vegamour for sending their GRO hair essentials shampoo and serum to try out. As always, no monetary compensation was received for this Rave Review.

A few years ago, I went into the dermatologist for a normal, run-of-the-mill skin check. The doctor checked my skin as planned, but that’s not what took the bulk of the appointment. What she was worried about was my hair, which surprised me. My hair has always been really fine, but she was worried it was thinning as well. I knew I had lost too much hair during my last pregnancy, but I guess I didn’t realize just how bad it was.

At that point, she put me on two different prescriptions and gave me instructions to pick up over the counter hair regrowth shampoos. I wasn’t thrilled, but I blindly trusted her until the prescriptions made my heart race and the shampoos made me break out in a rash. So, I basically abandoned the plan and never looked back.  

Throughout the years since, I’ve tried just about everything in retail looking for a hair system that would work for me, without any luck. I’ve even tried products for review, but those didn’t work, either. But, I never gave up hope that I could find something, anything, that helped even a little bit. So, when Vegamour reached out and offered a bottle of GRO hair essentials shampoo and conditioner with hair serums, I jumped at the chance.

GRO hair essentials

What is Vegamour

Vegamour is 100% vegan, cruelty free, safe and uses effective products for achieving thicker, fuller hair. They designed their GRO hair essentials products to target signs of hair shedding and thinning. Powered by Karmatin™, their shampoo and conditioner help to fortify strands and replenish shine from root to tip. It’s the perfect starter kit to add to your daily hair wellness regimen.

Formulated with powerful plant-based phytoactives, their GRO hair essentials kit works triple time to revitalize hair at the roots for thicker, fuller looking locks. The Vegamour regimen includes shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, and supplements that all work together to give you thicker and fuller hair. I didn’t try the supplements, only the topical shampoo, conditioner, and serum. The shampoo and conditioner are applied just like any other cleansing method, and the serum is applied in tiny drops on damp hair each day before drying.

GRO hair essentials

They are based out of LA and ship worldwide. Their products are all free of toxic chemicals, carcinogens, sulfates, parabens, silicones, gluten and artificial fragrance, and are a natural alternative to drugstore products out there that may have unwanted side effects. It is ideal for thinning, lackluster hair like I have, as their shampoo/conditioner and serum soothes the scalp and revitalizes hair at the roots to increase the appearance of hair density. It is said to deliver real, visible results in as soon as 90 days.

My GRO hair essentials experience

It’s too early to say if I’m actually experiencing regrowth like the #VegamourChallenge photos you see online, but I definitely am noticing some really promising changes.  

The first thing I noticed while on the Vegamour regime was that I was losing less hair in the shower. Noticeably less hair. Honestly, I was sold at that point. Before Vegamour, there were days where it felt like I had lost a scary amount of hair, and now it’s a few strands with each shampoo and condition. That’s a huge win for me.

The second thing that I noticed was that because my hair is so baby-fine, my hair was weighed down a bit by the serum the first few times I used it. I started experimenting using less drops than recommended and think I found the sweet spot of coverage but not over saturation that works for my hair and scalp. Once I figured that out, it seemed like the serum actually made my hair easier to style.

The third thing I noticed was that my hair was less brittle when I brushed it, and overall just felt healthier. It wasn’t a huge difference, but it was enough that I noticed it throughout the day and while styling.

The fourth thing I noticed was that I had more baby fine hairs starting, which I hope means that regrowth is happening as well as retention. One can hope!

The fifth thing I noticed was that my hair seems to be growing faster than before. I rarely need more than two haircuts a year, but since I started the hair regimen two months ago, I’ve already needed a haircut earlier than anticipated.

GRO hair essentials

Things I would change about the GRO hair essentials routine

This may seem small, but I wish that the shampoo and conditioner tubes were slightly different colors, or could be distinguished from each other at a glance. I keep them in the shower and the way that the caps are designed catches water from the faucet, so I turn them around on my shower shelf. This makes it incredibly hard to see which is which in a hurry since the print on the back is small and blends into the tube color. Yes, I do put them in a particular order for ease of grabbing them, but with other family members sharing the shower, they get moved a lot and I’m constantly picking up the wrong one. I love the look of the tubes, but I hope that eventually they change the colors slightly for one or the other.

After seeing that I can use less serum on fine, thin hair, I hope that they update their packaging to give a suggested range of drops so people can start with less and then add more if they need to. That would have saved me a few bad hair days.

Will I continue the GRO hair essentials routine?

Honestly, I’m really happy with the GRO hair essentials routine. I plan on keeping up with the shampoo/conditioner and serums for the rest of the year and seeing how it goes. It’s been the first system that didn’t have side effects for me, and it had noticeable changes within the first few weeks of using it. I’d love to try the supplements at some point and seeing it that kicks up the hair regrowth even more.

If you’re ready to try it out, check out and shop for shampoo/conditioner. serums, and supplements to help your thinning hair.

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