Timelapse made easy with Movo MTP-20

Have you ever tried to create a panning timelapse before? It’s not nearly as easy as it might look. I found that out numerous times as I’ve tried to create that perfect pan without the right tools. Without a doubt, the right tool is the Movo MTP-20, which creates a smooth panning timelapse in just a few easy steps.

Never again will you have to worry about movement between frames, accidentally changing the angle of view, or any of the other easy-to-make mistakes of panoramic photos. It’s basically as easy as setting it up and pressing a button. Voila, perfect panoramics, every time.

How to set up a timelapse picture with the Movo MTP-20

  • Get a Movo MTP-20. This tripod head can go on your existing tripod mount, or you can simply set the Movo Timelapse tripod head on the ground or another stable surface.
  • Program the MTP-20. Add 4 AA batteries and use the on-device controls to set up your timelapse. You can choose clockwise/counter-clockwise, rotating angle {10-360° or continuous}, speed {from 48 seconds to 2 hours, per rotation}, and start/stop. Programming is as easy as possible with no deep menus to navigate or learn. Simply click the buttons on the tripod head to select and you’re all ready to shoot.
  • Screw on your camera, or attach your phone or GoPro. Adaptors are included to attach directly to GoPros and a spring-loaded camera holder is also included with purchase.
  • Select the panoramic setting on your camera {this usually looks like an elongated rectangle with flared ends}, hit the start/stop button on the MTP-20, and then press the shutter release on the camera. The camera will begin to fire pictures as the tripod head spins and the camera will meld all of the pictures into one stunning panoramic timelapse.

About the Movo MTP-20

The MTP-20 by Movo is a feature-packed programmable timelapse head perfect for creating beautiful shake-free timelapses and long exposures. It may be easy to use and control, but it’s anything but a gimmicky toy. The MTP-20 is a real tripod head, designed to support smartphones, GoPro, and mirrorless or DSLR cameras up to 4.4 pounds. The head can be used stand-alone or mounted on a tripod with either 1/4″ or 3/8″ threads {tool included to change out tread size}.

On-device programming is super easy. Just choose from clockwise or counter-clockwise, the rotating angle, and speed for whatever your subject is. I found it extremely intuitive to program as you just had to select from the options on the tripod head. No digging through menus or struggling with a heavy manual. All the program controls were spelled out on the tripod base, and it was just a matter of a few clicks and I was ready to photograph.

Included in the box: MTP-20 Timelapse Head, USB power cable, smartphone mount, GoPro mount, carrying case, tripod mount tool, and user guide. Everything stores away neatly in the carrying case, all ready for your next adventure, wherever it takes you.

To buy a Movo MTP-20, visit movophoto.com. Be sure and check out their full range of photo gear that can make anyone look pro – with whatever equipment you have.

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