iHeartArt premium art kits for kids

No monetary compensation was received for this rave review, we just love sharing art ideas and adored these iHeartArt premium art kits for kids.

Have kids, tweens or teens you’re buying for this holiday season? Let’s face it – unless you have a *very specific* list, you have absolutely no idea what games, movies, books, or clothing kids these days are wanting. You don’t know what they already have or need, or what brand is still “in”.

iHeartArt premium art kits for kids

So, just do yourself a favor and go with something safe that they can always use: art kits. Stop stressing and turn to iHeartArt, the perfect art kits for older kids. They have all the coolness factor that tweens and teens are drawn to, but also have step-by-step instructions that can make an artist out of anyone.

There’s something magical that happens if you give kids a piece of paper and some pens and paints. There’s a joy in creating art, and even those who don’t feel artistically inclined. iHeartArt takes this magic and puts it in teen’s hands right when they need it most.

iHeartArt premium art kits for kids

iHeartArt premium art kits for kids

Instead of basic art supplies for toddlers, or expensive pro level art supplies, iHeartArt is the perfect balance of real premium art supplies… without the hefty price tag. Their new line of rich, bold art supplies look and feel expensive and luxurious, but you won’t cry when your kiddo uses all of the oil pastels to turn a canvas ombre.  

Has 2020 left you looking for good news? The iHeartArt fall 2020 line come with a “good news” factor you’ve been searching for. With each purchase, 5% of profits will go to Art Feeds International division artfeeds.org. This nonprofit equips schools and children’s organizations with resources to create spaces where children’s creativity and expression thrive. Giving art supplies may sound like a small thing, but I know what a school looks and feels like without an art budget, and it’s heartbreaking.

In this era of faux school or zoom school, I’ve seen normally happy and excited kids turn into sad and half-hearted pupils. That’s why I am continuing to support our school’s arts programs and volunteer hours so that kids who don’t have access to arts can create. Having the supplies is part of it, and the rest is encouragement to create and express themselves.

Mash Up art kits

This past month, while helping with the art program remotely, I’ve also been crafting up a storm with my kiddos. We love the new Mash-Up products from iHeartArt so much because they encourage different mediums and ways of creating art. Instead of something they have done for years, the Mash Up kit feel entirely new and fresh, which is hard for an art kit to accomplish.

iHeartArt premium art kits for kids

My kids especially love the Glitter FX kit, which should be noted does *not* come with actual glitter. Instead, it has metallic paints, glitter gel pens, and glitter markers along with paper and paint brushes. That, my friends, is exactly how much glitter I like in my life.

Also fun was learning the Batik FX kit with its wax resist art techniques with my oldest. Since she’s a proficient crafter at this point, I could have just set her loose with the watercolors and oil pastels but I wanted to try it, too. So, instead we sat and crafted together and had a lovely time creating art.

iHeartArt premium art kits for kids

And, we found our new favorite art supply so far: the water brush pens that make watercolor so much more fun and easy. Seriously, pick up a few packs of these and put them in every single stocking.

iHeartArt for the holidays

We love the iHeartArt kits so much, and they were a hit with the artists – both young and old. Our house has been a series of art projects for weeks, and I love that every time I open up a new art kit, the kiddos go wild.

This year, I’m going not run around trying to figure out what the newest fad toy is or what every parent is stalking in stores. Instead, I’m going to order up a few of these awesome art sets from iHeartArt and surprise some of my favorite kiddos, teens, and tweens with the gift of creativity. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

You can shop iHeartArt kits at BrightStripes.co and see all the many ways they can make the holidays merry.

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