Matching Girls Monday: quarantine style

Matching Girls Monday

I’ve had numerous people reach out to me asking what happened to my Matching Girls Monday posts and wanting to know if my girls still match. The answer is yes, they still match every single day. We’re now going on 5 years of matching cuteness, and the girls still swear that they are going to match forever. Be still, my heart.

What about the matching girls posts? Well, because we don’t really get out these days, we’ve put our weekly Matching Girls Monday post on hold for now. I figure there’s only so many ways to photograph the kids at home or on our daily walk around the block, so I’m saving you having 12 weeks of the same exact pictures. When we’re able to get out and get some good pictures, I’ll try and share them when I can to share the matching girls love. 

Tulip field

Goodbye, travel adventures

In addition to our weekly feature, we’ve also put traveling on hold for now. This was especially hard timing wise because spring is apparently when all of my traditions happen. We missed the University of Washington cherry blossoms, we missed the tulips in our normal capacity, and we didn’t even get a Mother’s Day photoshoot. 

We did happen to drive past a tulip field and took this from waaaaaaay far away, while social distancing, while wearing our quarantine chic {aka: anti-microbial masks}. Not quite the tulip experience I’m used to, but at least it’s something, right?

Matching Girls Monday

We also had to stop in the town of La Conner, so we took a picture by our favorite statue. Someone had already put a mask on the little guy, so we felt safe sitting so close. No kids or statues were harmed in the taking of this picture, I promise.

And, then since the town was completely deserted, we walked along the waterfront a bit and looked at the boats and river from a distance. 

Then we took a selfie in one of the La Conner alleyways sans masks because we were the only ones around. It’s not the spring we imagined, or the spring photoshoots I normally do, but it’s better than nothing.

Getting back to normal

I’m not sure when we will be resuming travel or getting back to a more normal mode here at Rave & Review. But, while we wait for our state to open and the curve to flatten, these guys are making the best of it. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be quarantined with. 

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