It’s tulip time, Washington

Skagit Valley TulipsIt’s time for tulips, Washington State! The tulips were at full bloom this week, and threat of rain made the crowds pretty scarce. Not one rain drop fell during our field visit, but it started dumping as soon as we made it back home. We couldn’t have planned it better, but unfortunately it was all thanks to dumb luck more than actual planning.Skagit Valley Tulips

Every year we go see the tulips in Mount Vernon, WA with the kids for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, but this is the first year it was an afterthought. We were on our way home from Semiahmoo and it worked out so perfectly to swing into the fields so we headed to LaConner on a whim instead of planning a day of it. At this point, we’ve gotten our route down perfectly to avoid the horrible tulip traffic {sorry, I’m not telling you our secret}, but this year we just got lucky.Skagit Valley TulipsBe sure to plan your excursion to Skagit Valley before April 30th to see the tulips before they get harvested. Check out for more information about visiting the tulip fields before they are gone for the season.Skagit Valley Tulips

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