Protect what matters with the Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Thank you Onelink by First Alert for sponsoring this post. Add smart protection to your home with the Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

 Onelink smoke and CO alarm displayThis past month has been a lesson in what is most important. It’s been yet another reminder that life is short and so incredibly precious. As if I needed another reason to worry and stress as a mom, I find myself flashing to the worst-case-scenario in mere seconds and sometimes I’m helpless to stop it.

I double check that the stove is off a few dozen times before I leave, I lock the door and then check it twice, we switched to all battery-powered candles, I tape down the fireplace switch just in case, and I practice the unplug-it-when-not-in-use method obsessively. But, there’s one thing I don’t need to stress out about anymore: my smoke detectors.First Alert and Onelink CES

I met with First Alert at CES and was blown away by all the newest products, so I was thrilled to receive the Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm earlier this month. Instead of a traditional smoke alarm, this is a two-in-one alarm that is truly smart and can help take the worry out of keeping what matters safe. It protects against the threats of smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) using the most advanced detection methods available. It protects what matters, in the smartest possible way.Onelink welcome kit

What matters to you?

People, pets, priceless mementos. No matter what you answered, chances are that you would do literally anything in your power to protect it in an emergency, right? Well, now there is a better way to protect it from a brand you have trusted for decades.

Since 1958 when three friends set out to create a commercial smoke alarm and now in the five decades since, First Alert has been creating innovative products. By leading the home safety category through reliability, quality and innovation, their goal has always been to make the world a safer place – one home, one family, one life at a time.First Alert Onelink install

Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Now you can add intelligent protection to your home with the Onelink Smoke & Carbon Monoxide alarm and know that everything is alright, whether you are home or away. When you are home, the alarm uses voice and message alerts to tell you the type and location of the danger. When you are away, the 2-in- 1 alarm will notify you via phone if something is not right in your home. The alarm also wirelessly interconnects with other compatible alarms so you can have complete home coverage; if one sounds, they all soundOnelink in hand

Want an even smarter alarm? With the Onelink Home app you can test and silence your alarm and assign the locations of each device in your home, all from right on your phone or device.

The Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm is offered in both hardwired and battery-powered options. The hardwired version, which takes advantage of a home’s existing wiring, is also equipped with battery back-up for protection during power outages. The battery powered alarm comes with a 3 cell battery pack, and based on regular alarm usage, the battery will last approximately five years.Onelink install


2-in-1 Protection – Smoke and Carbon Monoxide in one alarm
Emergency Notifications – Notifies you by phone if something is not right in your home
Voice Alerts – Tells you the type and location of danger
Wireless Interconnect – When one alarm sounds, they all sound
Battery-Operated – Quick and easy installation with an easy access battery door to replace batteries.

Here’s a quick video to see all the features packed in this awesome little 2-in-1 alarm:

Protect what’s important to you and give yourself peace of mind with First Alert. Check out the Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm and see whether the battery or hardwired version is right for you. Onelink Welcome Kit 2

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