A different holiday tradition: Reindeer In Here

Reindeer In Here plushYes, I know it’s too early to be talking about Christmas, but hear me out on this one. Call it Christmas in July, if you will. I’m talking about a new Christmas tradition for families that’s full of fun and friendship, without any of the stress of other “magical” holiday traditions.

Last year, dad author and Hollywood TV producer, Adam Reed introduced a whole new holiday tradition with a small release of Reindeer In Here and his release sold out in less than 2 hours on Black Friday. Amazon named it an instant #1 New Release and #1 Best Seller, and it’s already caught the eye of many parents who love the tradition for its simplicity and what it stands for. So, this is your heads up that you should snag the hottest new Christmas tradition of the season well before holiday time 🙂Reindeer In Here on bed

Not your average Elf on a Shelf

I know the whole elf tradition with its late night to-do list isn’t for everyone, so here’s the solution you’ve been waiting for: A reindeer that does things a little differently. It’s called Reindeer In Here and still has all the magic of Christmas, only so much easier for busy families.

A Different Holiday Tradition

Instead of the reindeer “magically” coming to life to create messes around the house, Reindeer In Here is a simple concept. The reindeer is to be the first present of the holiday season from Santa and kids are encouraged to name their plush pal and make it their own. The reindeer comes with a storybook that explains that he/she will be visiting for the weeks leading up to Christmas.Reindeer In Here The story explains that many years ago Santa asked his reindeer for some help in learning about each child’s true Christmas wishes. Santa told his reindeer that even though he knew of children all over the world, he wanted to know each child better, and one little reindeer with uneven antlers suggested that they could help him out. So, it was decided that Santa would send one special little reindeer to stay with the children so he could learn as much as possible about each child and their family – where they live, what they like, what they don’t like, and what they do each day.

Then every night while the child sleeps with the reindeer next to him or her, the reindeer writes notes to Santa detailing their daily adventures. The child is encouraged to show their special reindeer around, taking it to a different place each day and on lots of adventures. Then on Christmas Eve, the child should put their reindeer under the tree so it can greet Santa when he visits. Santa will then use the reindeer to help guide his sleigh back to the North Pole. The tradition will continue each year when the child’s Christmas reindeer will return again in early December and stay to learn how each member of the family has changed since his last visit.Reindeer in Here love

“Different is normal.”

You may have noticed that the little reindeer has one antler smaller than the other. It’s not a mistake, this Reindeer is just a little bit different. You will also find that supporting characters in the book have something a little different about them each as well. You will meet an adorable snowman named Cane with a candy cane nose instead of a carrot.

You’ll also fall in love with Zig and Zag, two cross-eyed penguins who’ve never walked straight. Then there’s Peeky the polar bear who sprouts just three hairs on his furry little head and Cecelia (Ce-Seal-Ya), the adorable seal with the permanent smile on her face no matter what the circumstance.Reindeer in Here book

The Reindeer In Here tradition is about celebrating things that are different and appreciating them for their uniqueness. After all, we are all a little different and that is why we should take the time to get to know each other better, just as Santa is doing by sending his reindeer. I personally love this message and appreciate that it is now part of our new holiday tradition.

Where to find Reindeer In Here

Reindeer in Here will be sold in-store at over 1,200 independent retailers {no mass stores like Wal-Mart or Target}. In addition, you can find it at many Hallmark stores and independent gift stores during their “Christmas in July” events, including Hallmark’s Ornament Premiere week. You can also order it on Amazon during the last week of July for all those parents who missed out last year when the product sold out so quickly and want to get their hands on it early this year.Reindeer In Here on bedI know so many families who will flip for Reindeer In Here, not just for it’s simplicity and sweetness, but also for the underlying message that different is beautiful. I, for one, love the idea of Reindeer In Here because it’s no pressure and not just another thing on my long to-do list. We already go on so many holiday-inspired adventures and this just gives us another reason to get out and do as much as we can leading up to the holidays, which is a big huge plus for me.

The kids, of course, will love that the reindeer is snuggly and the perfect friend for all their holiday adventures. And, since they are all about holiday magic, they will certainly adore the magical nature of the Reindeer In Here tradition. Even though we also do Elf Magic here at Rave & Review, this new tradition is going to be the perfect addition to our holiday magic!

You can find out more at Reindeer In Here

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