American Girl introduces NEW boy dolls in the Truly Me line

American Girl Boys photoIf you know my son, you know heโ€™s one of the biggest fans of American Girl, ever. His love started when my daughter got her first doll when she was 4 and he was only 2, and that love has grown exponentially throughout the years.

As you can imagine, he was crazy excited when he got Logan Everett, the very first 18โ€ boy American Girl made, earlier this year. Though it’s now been months since the release, we have spent the last year immersed in all things American Girl. American Girl Boys

A few days ago we made our way into the Seattle American Girl store to see their after holiday sales, and one of our favorite employees met us as we came in excited to show us something she knew we were going to love. She led us back to the Truly Me section and it took mere seconds for us to spot what was new and exciting: American Girl released new BOY dolls.

And, even more exciting than new boy dolls? One of the boys, Truly Me #74, looked just like my son’s double. He noticed the resemblance immediately, although, he was quick to point out that they part their hair on different sides.American Girl Boy photoI will never forget just how exited the employees were as we celebrated the new dolls and the obvious twin-ness. They said they had been waiting for us to come in so they could show us the boys, and that our response was all that they had hoped.

Truly Me #74 was obviously going to be coming home with us. American Girl Truly Me BoyThe employees were so sweet and took the time to show us how to style our new boy doll’s hair, and then they showed us around to all the new accessories for the boy dolls. We could have walked out of there with boxes and boxes of treasures, but I tried to remember that The Girl of The Year, Luciana Vega, release was just days away and we were going to be back shopping in the new year.

While we were shopping I must have heard a dozen moms exclaim about the new boy dolls, telling stories of how they fitted wigs to American Girl dolls in the past to make boys or telling tales of longing for boy dolls that never were. Just about every little kid – boy or girl – that passed the new dolls stopped and shared how excited they were for the boys, and the employees were happy to share how much they had always hoped for boy dolls, too.

American Girl Logan and Truly Me DollWalking out of the store with my son’s twinsie doll while my daughter carried her new Felicity doll she opened for Christmas was cause for so much excitement. Not just from my boy, but also from his sisters who were over the moon excited about not only the newest boy, but also the fact that this was our very first Truly Me doll {crazy, right?}.

My son and daughters are so close and I adore that they still spend so much time together even as they have grown. Although they each have their own interests separate from each other, they still meet in the middle to play together more often than not. And, no matter what their age or stage, they have agreed on American Girl for over 4 years and itโ€™s one of the main things they play with.

Doll photo shoot

American Girl Boy dollWhen I told them that I was going to set up a little photo shoot for our new boy doll they named Charlie, they ran around excitedly grabbing accessories. I let them choose what direction they wanted to go with the shoot and then they picked all their own accessories based on the theme. I wasn’t surprised when my son chose a construction theme since our house had been under some major construction this week.

American Girl drillBut, I was surprised by the “art class” theme the kids set up as I was expecting him to want a photo shoot with Julie’s Volkwagen Beetle from American Girl. They insisted that Charlie was an artist, and who was I to argue?

American Girl doll boysIn our family we tell our girls that they can be whatever they want to be, whether that’s a traditional female job or they want to blaze their own trail, and that same message goes for boys. So, now Charlie is officially an artist, and I couldn’t be happier. He’s not scared of pink, he has sisters for best friends {naturally}, and he has fully embraced the world of American Girl.

American Girl boy doll Truly MeIt turns out my son and Charlie are twinsies in more ways than one.

American Girl boys paintingSeeing all of my babies with their special American Girl dolls makes me so incredibly happy and Iโ€™m so grateful that they have the dolls to bond over and grow up with. I absolutely adore that doll play is how my children choose to spend their time and I love hearing them playing, laughing, and imagining for hours together as they decorate American Girl worlds together.

American Girl boys togetherWhether you have a little boy who has wanted a boy doll of his own for years or you have a little girl who always hoped for a boy doll to round out her American Girl collection, you should definitely check out the new Truly Me boy dolls.

Note: at time of publishing these dolls weren’t on the American Girl site yet, but they have since been added.American Girl Truly Me Boy Doll

Who do you know that would love one of the Truly Me Boy dolls from American Girl? American Girl releases Boy Dolls in the Truly Me line

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  1. Quick question. My son says he wants a boy doll (now that his little sister got a doll from Santa) but he’s also super into dinosaurs and Minecraft and all of that. Does your son happen like that stuff as well and still play with his doll? I’m only asking bc it’s a lot of money to spend on something that he may not end up playing with. My son will be 8 this summer. I’m sure my daughter will end up playing with it if he doesn’t but I want to make sure I get him something he wants.

  2. I am so grateful that you now have a boy doll!! Looks just like my blonde and blue eyed grandson! young boys don’t have to be considered odd or less manly because they have a doll companion! They can experience camping, surfing, or lifting weights! So many adventures with their friend. Doctors, firemen, paramedics, soldiers, Presidents. Let’s stop forcing our fears on our boys!


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