The tradition of a Corolle Christmas continues

Corolle dolls wows this holiday season Sponsored postI’ve been thinking a lot about traditions these days. With my kids we’ve had 8 Corolle Christmases now, and I had at least a half dozen Corolle Christmases growing up. That’s 14+ years of Corolle dolls and accessories under the tree as the present that wows, and I can’t help but feel incredibly grateful. Corolle loveYou hear the stories about the parents who drop hundreds of dollars on the trendy “top presents of the season” and then their kids play with them for a day or two and move on. I’ve never had to worry about that because in our family we shop local, we go for classics, and we put more emphasis on games and toys that require imaginations.

I know that a good quality baby doll literally never goes out of style, which is why Corolle is our present of choice for little ones. I’ve said it now for 8 years, but there is something truly magical about a Corolle Christmas.Corolle doll in strollerWhen I was young, I vividly remember running to the tree on Christmas to see what Corolle doll or accessory was waiting for me and how exciting it was to see what my special present was. As great as those memories are, I must admit that watching my kiddos run to see what Corolle awesomeness is waiting for them might be even more amazing.

This year, my little one is going to be opening her very first Mon Classique Bebe, which is a very exciting milestone in our family. Even though they all still love the Mon Premier collection with its smaller babies, it’s our tradition to get them each a Mon Classique doll that is their special baby to love on. Corolle ChristmasEven though that first special Mon Classique baby we got is nearing her 9th year with us, she has only grown more beloved throughout the years. I’m so excited to be continuing this with our little one and making sure she has a special heirloom doll that is just hers, not one she borrows from her siblings when they are at school {shhhh, don’t tell the older two!}.

This year, she will be opening the Mon Bebe Classique Sparkling Cloud Baby Doll and I cannot wait. She will know immediately that this baby is her special baby and I cannot wait to see her reaction to her new life-long friend. Corolle baby
To go with her new Bebe Classique baby, we also will be gifting her two brand new Corolle outfits – the fucshia ballerina suit and the bunting set for 14″ babies. She is getting really great at dressing her babies and changing their outfits, so I am excited to give her the newest outfits for her to master taking on and off and then back on again. Corolle changing tableAnd, speaking of changing, she will also be opening this adorable little changing table, part of the Cherry collection from Corolle. A much as I love that she will now have a place to change her babies since that’s one of her favorite activities, I also love that this isn’t just a changing table. Corolle baby in crib
It’s a 2-in-1 design that is also an adorable crib when you take the changing pad top off. This dual design means it’s going to get tons and tons of play, and it also means that it take up half as much space. Corolle baby on changing padShe currently makes beds for her babies out of cardboard boxes, so she isn’t going to be able to contain her excitement over her very own baby bed/changing table. I foresee a whole bunch of bedtime/naptime play in our future and I cannot wait. Corolle baby in crib sleeping
Also part of the Cherry collection is the Cherry Umbrella Stroller from Corolle. It has always been my opinion that every kid needs a baby stroller, but we especially love our Corolle strollers. Corolle strollers have taught my kids to walk, encouraged them to walk long distances, and have generally been part of most imaginative games the kiddos play. Corolle stroller wheel
Adding the Cherry Corolle stroller is going to make it so each child has their own stroller to push their little one in, load up with gear, and push around the house for hours upon hours. Corolle baby in strollerBoth the 2-in-1 bed and changing table and the stroller fold up small for storage so you can quickly put them away it you need to, although I must admit we don’t really need this featureĀ  because we never really put the doll stuff away-away, it is pretty much always displayed. Corolle bed Corolle bed folded
If you have a doll-loving little one, I would highly recommend a classic Corolle Christmas. As you can see from our holiday picks, Corolle has classic dolls for every age and stage, and any of their extensive line would be sure to wow this holiday season. And, unlike the newest Hatch-a-Surprise, Corolle presents will provide years of open-ended and creative play for your little one with its dolls and accessories that grow with your child. Corolle love 2For more wow gifts, visit and take a look at all the gorgeousness that your little one could open on the big day!  Corolle baby in bed

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