The next big thing in toys: Animoodles launches on Kickstarter today

Sponsored postWhen was the last time you saw a stuffed animal and thought, “wow, that’s innovative?” Probably never, because what could you possibly do with a stuffed animal that’s new and exciting?

It turns out, there is plenty. Animoodles is the new children’s toy that shakes up everything you thought was true about stuffed animals. Animoodles with kidsA team of animators and designers from Silicon Valley have created Animoodles, a new plush toy that works with the magic of magnets. These magnets connect the plush paws, arms, torsos and heads so that kids can build and play as they imagine all the possibilities.Animoodles heads in hand Animoodles laughingThese magnets are strong enough to keep their new friends together as they play and create, but still easy for even young children to do all on their own. The more Animoodles you have, the more fun you can create. Animoodles switched
Animoodles heads stackedThe kids and I loved that you can move around their limbs, swap their heads, and pose them however you would like. My son especially loved that there are two magnetic connections for the head alone, so your creation can sit up or crawl. It’s little details like that to make play even more fun for kids and allow them to play for hours. Animoodles two headsAnimoodles Kickstarter launched today with exclusive discounts and rewards for fans, and people are so excited that it has already reached half of its goal. Choose your reward and get your own set of Animoodles as soon as they are released. Get a set of 2 or snag all 5 to customize, create, cuddle, and collect a whole new world of fun characters. Animoodles laughing 2 Animoodles in handI love that Animoodles combines all of my children’s favorite things in one awesome toy. Part cute and snuggly plush, part creative building toy, and so many opportunities for imaginative play that can keep them laughing and playing for hours.   Animoodles headsWant to check out the Kickstarter campaign and see the video of how Animoodles came to be? Visit this link so you can learn more and get these special discounts while they are still available.

Connect: You can connect with Animoodles on FacebookInstagram and @Animoodles on Twitter.

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