85+ thoughts every parent has while watching PAW Patrol


  1. Maybe if I turn on a PAW Patrol I can get just a few more minutes of sleep/work/cleaning in before being attacked by little ones.
  2. Nope, they want me to watch it with them. Sigh. A little bit of me just died inside.
  3. Is this one of the episodes after they added Everest? Nope, just that same episode I always seem to get talked into. Sadly, I think I’ve seen this episode a dozen times. Everest Paw Patrol
  4. Why is Everest never in the show? One of the two girls on the team shouldn’t just disappear when there isn’t snow on the ground.
  5. I wonder who built the Lookout. It’s clearly the fanciest building in the town and it’s for dogs. DOGS.
  6. Or, is the Lookout Ryder’s actual house? Like, he lives there?
  7. Or is this just a big, fancy dog house…
  8. Wait, so the dogs sleep outside of the Lookout in their tiny doghouses? Why not utilize the huge building right beside them and reward them for all of their hard work keeping Adventure Bay crime/disaster free?
  9. But, Ryder IS a kid, right?
  10. Shouldn’t he be in school?
  11. Who lets a kid get 6 puppies?
  12. And, why does he seem to run the entire town?
  13. Seriously, only him and the people that provide food for the town ever seem to be consistently working. Everyone else seems to permanently be on vacation or pursuing activities that are likely unpaid. What gives?
  14. Is there any actual police or rescue service in Adventure Bay? Paw Patrol pups
  15. Is Ryder and a team of dogs all that keeps the town from utter chaos?
  16. What “laws” are Chase’s paws upholding, anyway?
  17. Don’t even get me started on Mayor Goodway… That woman is not qualified to own a chicken, let alone run a town.
  18. And why does she continue to bring her purse chicken to work with her? Get it together. Chickaletta is gonna get you killed, woman.
  19. So, Mayor Goodway has another day off work? Figures.
  20. I want Mayor Goodway’s job: ignore your civic duties, screw everything up, blame your chicken, call some kid with a pack of dogs to fix it, and then throw a party or take some time off to celebrate.
  21. Speaking of mayors: Does Mayor Humdinger actually spend any time in Foggy Bottom or does he just hang out in Adventure Bay all the time looking to sabotage?
  22. Oooh, the mission started – that means this show is almost over, right?
  23. Why do the pups call Ryder “sir”? I feel like this is all going to his head.
  24. Why have I never noticed that Ryder only has 4 fingers?
  25. What’s with the lengthy meeting? Just because you have the technology to do up a cartoony mock up of the issue via PowerPoint doesn’t mean you should. There’s an EMERGENCY, people…. er, pups. Robodog driving
  26. Why is Skye so under-utilized?
  27. I can’t be the only one who sees that 99% of all Paw Patrol missions could be solved with with only Skye, right?
  28. You’re putting in Rocky?! Really? The recycling pup is gonna handle it and Skye’s going to sit this one out? Pfft. Rocky Paw Patrol
  29. The worst part about this show is the silly catch phrases from the dogs as they are assigned their mission.
  30. I feel like they could just take the Lookout elevator down, just like they took it up.
  31. On second thought, I like the slides. Without them the Lookout would just be a glass tower on the outskirts of town.
  32. Why would transforming doghouses be practical in any way? I get that it’s fun, but the logistics of having to transform a doghouse into a vehicle for every dog on the mission really negates any time saved from those slides, you know?
  33. I’m just going to close my eyes for a minute and…
  34. Nope, nope, I’m awake, kiddo. What a fun mission, right?
  35. Wait, how did Cap’n Turbot get involved?
  36. I could have sworn I saw this one before and now I’m not so sure.
  37. Someone needs to take away Cap’n Turbot’s boating license. The guy’s a menace to Adventure Bay. Stop taking pictures and DRIVE YOUR BOAT.
  38. Where did they get water vehicles all of a sudden?
  39. Did they drive the Paw Patroller here filled with their sea craft? No, I saw Ryder leave on his quad. What the… Paw Patrol crew
  40. Oh Zuma, do you actually do anything other than follow the other pups and sometimes help on water rescues? Spoiler alert: I feel like the whole puppy-with-the-boat thing got even less impressive now that all the pups have some sort of water vehicle in later episodes.
  41. Oooh you need Chase AGAIN? Seriously, does he ever sit out a mission?
  42. Is Marshall second in command after Ryder, or is Chase? If something happened to Ryder, would they run the Paw Patrol together? Or would Robodog just take over? Ryder and pups
  43. I feel like those two are for sure the favorite pups. There’s definitely some underlying tension there that needs to be explored.
  44. There may not be favorites, but there’s definitely a least favorite. Poor Skye. Seriously, she can solve all of this BY HERSELF and yet never gets the chance to. Put her in, coach!
  45. Enough with the cheesy jokes. Even my kids don’t laugh at them, and they really should be in the target demographic.
  46. Wait, why don’t the other animals in the show talk? Just the dogs? That doesn’t make sense.
  47. I mean, I get that Chikoleta can’t talk; she clearly doesn’t have the brain capacity. But, what about the owls, sheep, elephants, and the monkeys, etc? Everest Paw Patrol 2
  48. Do all the dogs in this world talk, or is it just Ryder’s pets that are special? So many questions….
  49. Did Ryder use technology to make them talk?
  50. Do they have super technologically advanced little voiceboxes that turn barks into words?
  51. How would translating barks into words even work?
  52. I’m *pretty sure* all the dogs I’ve ever met aren’t barking cheesy jokes and catchphrases.
  53. I’m thinking that them being able to talk is a result of whatever training Ryder put them through for their roles in the PAW Patrol.
  54. Ryder seems to have unlimited time on his hands: training dogs, building elaborate tech gadgets, securing trucks and now even building planes and sea craft for rescue efforts.
  55. There’s no way he’s in school. Not enough time in the day for all this nonsense.
  56. Does Ryder even have parents?
  57. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen him eat or do anything a normal boy would.
  58. Maybe HE’S a robot, too.
  59. That would actually explain so much about his lack of emotion and his stiff demeanor.
  60. It would also make sense if he never slept because that would give him a bit more time for  all this PAW Patrol business.
  61. He seems to have unlimited funds and I assume a tech team at his disposal. He’s definitely from money.  Robodog in paw patroller
  62. Most things that he creates I get… but a robodog? Really? Couldn’t you get one of the real pups to drive the big rig and not look like an evil genius rolling up to every emergency?
  63. Does he just exist to drive Ryder around? Is that because Ryder’s underage? I know Ryder drives a quad in the town, but maybe there’s some sort of agreement that him and Mayor Goodway have where he can drive quads but not trailers or planes?
  64. Don’t the real pups feel threatened that they weren’t good enough so Ryder had to literally create his own dog?
  65. Robodog is actually really, really creepy no matter why he exists. I don’t like the idea of a robot dog, and definitely not one that drives. We need to remember that technology can malfunction {I mean c’mon, we all saw the malfunctioning Robodog episode… some of us more times than we care to admit}. How about let’s not let him drive the entire crew around while the rest of the crew sits in the back? Robodog in the Air Patroller
  66. Speaking of which, how big is this town? Sometimes it seems like they can get across town in mere seconds and other times, it takes the whole episode or they need a plane.
  67. I need to know the scale of the town map.
  68. Are they even in Adventure Bay anymore? I don’t see those mountains on the map.
  69. Maybe this is Foggy Bottom? But it’s sunny, so that doesn’t make sense.
  70. Is this episode almost over?
  71. I feel like if Skye was put in when I first suggested it, this show would have been over two hours ago. Yet here we are…
  72. The mission hit a snag, OF COURSE.
  73. Hey Marshall, no pup is this clumsy. Maybe you should go in for a little doggie check up. I’m honestly worried about you.
  74. Oh look, Skye would have been super helpful about now, huh?
  75. But now you’re stuck with Rocky, the pup who routinely dumpster dives and who won’t get wet. He doesn’t have much to offer in the way of skills, does he?
  76. OH SNAP, there she is! Go, Skye! Skye Paw Patrol
  77. I feel like this whole mission wasn’t very well thought out. The PAW Patrol development team needs some fresh, new ideas. How about letting Rocky, Everest, and Zuma handle a mission alone one of these times?
  78. Mission complete and they are doing that annoying congratulating thing where Chase gets most of the credit and I’m still sitting here irked over the mission.
  79. I really feel like Mayor Humdinger/Daring Danny X/Mayor Goodway should apologize for the mess they have caused. Seriously, it’s all their fault, every.single.time. They are never gonna learn if you keep letting their behavior slide.
  80. Actually, maybe you should just go ahead and lock up Mayor Humdinger and get it over with. I mean, he’s stolen things on numerous occasions, has zero regard for human {or pup} life, and he’s basically the worst human ever. And, they let him go home and run a town. Ryder Paw Patrol
  81. Although, I kinda feel like the residents knew what they were in for by moving to a place called “Foggy Bottom”.
  82. I like to think that Mayor Humdinger’s only residents in Foggy Bottom are his Cat-Tastrophe Crew and that is why he has so much time off.
  83. I wonder why his cats don’t talk.
  84. I feel like the entire team that writes this show is firmly pro-dog and anti-cat.
  85. Stop it with the catchphrases and stupid jokes already. I’m over it.
  86. Okay, but that joke was actually kind of funny.
  87. Quick, turn off the TV before the next episode! *searches for remote to no avail* 
  88. Aaaaaand now we’re watching another mission.  85 thoughts parents have while watching Paw Patrol

55 thoughts on “85+ thoughts every parent has while watching PAW Patrol”

    • I think it’s stupid. Cus Ryder is 10 he doesn’t have any parents. He doesn’t go to school and he has 6 dogs and he drives an ATV which is basically a quad bike with special abillities. So it can travel on snow water and land. Whaddya think??

      • I Couldn’t find how to post so I’m having to reply to another post but…

        Am I the only one that thought the word humdinger referred to a sexual act? Not that I use the word. Or have heard it except on Paw Patrol except somewhere in the recesses of my mind there is a lewd definition of the word humdinger.
        Makes me wonder if the creators meant any joke I’m not getting. 🤷

    • I watch it channel 5 and nick jr. They are now doing this thing called the summer rescue squad. Basically what it is is that it’s a group of kids that go exploring the location of their mission and learn about things. So far we’re on rocky week. It goes from chase week to Skye week to Marshall week to rocky week to rubble week and finally to Zuma week. Chase week
      19th july- 25th July

      Skye week
      26th july-1st August

      Marshall week
      2nd august-8th August

      Rocky week
      9th august-15th august

      Rubble week
      16th august-22nd august

      Zuma week
      23rd august-29th august

      And that’s it

  1. nbody’s asking the hard-hitting questions here. what i wanna know is who cleans up all the dog shit for the guy who has six dogs in the middle of town, cuz it ain’t ryder. also what happens when the dogs have to get neutered? that’s the episode i wanna see.

  2. Same but I always ask myself how old Rider is, like he built a whole tower and a bunch of techy stuff but he doesn’t seem like an adult, he is way shorter than all of the adults in the show but he doesn’t go to school and he can’t drive, so how old is he exactly??

  3. Why does no one ever talk about how big of a criminal Mayor Goodway (ironic name) is? Remember, she STOLE Chickaletta off that barn roof. She is a chicken thief! Appoint a special counsel immediately!

  4. all true questions I’ve asked when watching this show with my daughter. In a recent episode, Mayor Humdinger committed grand theft auto. How is he not in prison? Why do they keep letting him go? I wonder if they will ever just let him perish when one of his evil plans goes wrong again?

    • Seriously! Every Humdinger episode I watch I wonder THIS GUY IS A CRIMINAL! My wife thinks I’m looking into it too seriously, but this guy stole and derailed a train, detained the driver, kidnapped royal kittens, broke into a museum and stole a HUGE gemstone. WTF?! This guy needs to be locked up.

    • There’s no official police force in Adventure Bay so Ryder has to let Mayor Humdinger go every time. I’ve never seen a real cop, much less a police station. Chase doesn’t even have handcuffs.

  5. Omg am I the only one who secretly wishes they had went to animation School so I can draw myself into an episode of the show just so I can fight mayor Humdinger. And Daring Danny X prolly would be a spot on a rock somewhere. And Mayor Goodway needs to take some of those Solid Gold Bones they found underneath City Hall to hire some real help for the town. This is the only show that my grandson will watch and now I find myself interested to see how it ends even after he’s fallen asleep. Lmao. I absolutely loved this article

  6. Great stuff. But here’s an observation that shows how awful Ryder is. My boys get upset that the pups are always doing something that looks really fun when Ryder calls them in for a mission, even the pups that won’t go on the mission. They all drop what they’re doing and sometimes go a long way for the big mission briefing, only to be left behind. But then I saw an episode that ruins Ryder. When Everest is sprayed by a skunk while berry picking and Chase calls Ryder for help. The exchange was something like this:
    CHASE: “Ryder, we need your help. Everest was sprayed by a skunk.”
    RYDER: “Oh no. Better bring her home and we’ll take care of it.”
    CHASE: “She won’t leave until she finds her berries.”
    RYDER: “Oh well. I guess you’ll figure it out.”

    • You’re absolutely right – I didn’t even think of how he makes ALL of them come in for the briefing only to take his three favorites each time! Let the pups be pups, Ryder! I will have to rewatch the skunk episode, my memory is as foggy as Foggy Bottom 😀

  7. You literally nailed every question!!! My biggest pet peeve is how mayor humdinger gets away with everything and never goes to jail. It’s like telling kids to do bad things cause you wont get in trouble for it. When it real life, you would Haha.

  8. I think it’s stupid. Cus Ryder is 10 he doesn’t have any parents. He doesn’t go to school and he has 6 dogs and he drives an ATV which is basically a quad bike with special abillities. So it can travel on snow water and land. Whaddya think??

  9. These are the clues for episode 48

    A priceless treasure awaits ye , who finds the map torn into three. The part of the map that you seek hides in a biig parrots beak

    From atop parrot rock look towards the sea, a clue hides in the hollow of a very big tree

    Walk 20 paces from the tree towards setting sun and rising sea

    Then they find the treasure. But then the treasure turns out to be tarantulas. They get bitten to death and DIE!!!!

  10. These are all the episodes
    Pups make a splash
    Pups fall festival
    Pups save the sea turtles
    Pups and the very big baby
    Pups and the kitty-tastrophe
    Pups save a train
    Pup pup boogie
    Pups in a fog
    Pup pup goose
    Pup pup and away
    Pups on ice
    Pups and the snow monster
    Pups save the circus
    Pup a doodle do
    Pups pit crew
    Pups fight fire
    Pups save the treats
    Pups get a lift
    Pups and the ghost pirate
    Pups save Christmas
    Pups get a rubble
    Pups save a walrus
    Pups save the bunnies
    Pups save the bay
    Pups save a goodway
    Pups save a hoedown
    Pups save Alex
    Pups save a school day
    Pups turn on the lights
    Pups save a pool day
    Circus pup-formers
    Pups save the Easter egg hunt
    Pups save a super pup
    Pups save Ryder’s robot
    Pups go all monkey
    Pups save a hoot
    Pups save a bat
    Pups save a toof
    Pups save the camping trip
    Pups and the trouble with turtles
    Pups and the beanstalk
    Pups save the turbots
    Pups and the lighthouse boogie
    Pups save ryder
    Pups great race
    Pups take the cake
    Pups and the pirate treasure

  11. SEASON 2
    Pups save the penguins
    Pups save a dolphin pup
    Pups save the space alien
    Pups save a flying frog
    Pups save Jake
    Pups save the parade
    Pups save the diving bell
    Pups save the beavers
    Pups save a ghost
    Pups save a show
    The new pup
    Pups jungle trouble
    Pups save a herd
    Pups and the big freeze
    Pups save the basketball game
    Pups save an ace
    Pups save a wedding
    Pups save a talent show
    Pups save the corn roast
    Pups leave Marshall home alone
    Pups save a deer
    Pups save a parrot
    Pups save the Queen bee
    Pups save a mer-pup ?
    Pups save an elephant family
    Pups and the mischievous kittens
    Pups save a friend
    Pups save a stowaway
    Pups adventures in babysitting
    Pups save the fireworks
    Pups save a sniffle
    Pups and the ghost cabin
    Pups save an adventure
    Pups save a suprise
    Pups save the mayor’s race
    Pups save an outlaws loot
    Pups save walinda
    Pups save a big bone
    Pups save a floundering Francois
    Pups save the pop-up penguins
    Pups save a snowboard competition
    Pups save chicken of the sea
    Pups save a pizza
    Pups save Skye
    Pups save the woof and roll show
    Pups save an eagle
    Pups bark with dinosaurs

  12. SEASON 3
    Pups find a genie
    Pups save a tightrope walker
    Pups save a goldrush
    Pups save the paw patroller
    Pups save the soccer game
    Pups save a lucky collar
    Pups save Alex’s mini patrol
    Pups save a lost tooth
    Air pups
    Pups save friendship Day
    Pups save Apollo
    Pups save the hippos
    Pups save daring danny X
    Pups in a fix
    Pups save a dragon
    Pups save three little pigs
    Pups save a stinky flower
    Pups save a monkey-naut
    Pups save the polar bears
    A pup in sheep’s clothing
    Pups save a school bus
    Pups save the songbirds
    Pups save old trusty
    Pups save a pony
    Pups save a robo-saurus
    Pups save a film festival
    Tracker joins the pups!
    Pups bear-ly save Danny
    Pups save the mayor’s tulips
    All Star pups!
    Pups save sports day
    Pups in a jam
    Pups save a windsurfing pig
    Pups get growing
    Pups save a space toy
    Pups get skunked
    Pups and a whale of a tale
    Parroting pups
    Merpups save the turbots
    The pups winter wonder show
    Pups save the gliding turbots
    Pups save a plane
    Pups save a giant plant
    Pups get stuck
    Pups raise the paw patroller
    Pups save the crows
    Pups save their floating friends
    Pups save a satellite

  13. SEASON 4
    Pups save a blimp
    Pups save the chili Cook off
    Pups save a teeny penguin
    Pups save the cat show
    Pups save a playful dragon
    Pups save the critters
    Mission paw: quest for the crown
    Pups save a sleepover
    Pups save the carnival
    Pups save jakes cake
    Pups save a wild ride?
    Mission paw: royally spooked
    Pups save monkey-dinger
    Pups save the flying food
    Pups save a Ferris wheel
    Pups save a sleepwalking bear
    Pups save dude ranch Danny
    Mission paw: pups save the royal throne
    Pups save big hairy
    Pups save a flying kitty
    Pups party with bats
    Pups save sensei Tumi
    Sea patrol: pups save a baby octopus
    Pups save the runaway kitties
    Pups save tiny Marshall
    Pups chill out
    Pups save farmer Alex
    Sea patrol: pups save a shark
    Sea patrol: pups save the broken pier
    Pups save a space rock
    Pups save a good mayor
    Pups save a city kitty
    Pups save a cloud surfer
    Sea patrol: pirate pups to the rescue
    Pups save the mail
    Pups save a frog mayor
    Pups save the runaway turtles
    Pups save the shivering sheep
    Sea patrol: pups save a frozen flounder
    Sea patrol: pups save a narwhal
    Pups save Luke stars
    Pups save chicken day
    Pups save Francois the penguin
    Pups save daring Danny’s hippo
    Pups save baby humdinger
    Pups save a pinata
    Sea patrol: pups save puplantis

  14. SEASON 5
    Pups save the kitty rescue crew
    Pups save an ostrich
    Pups save big paw
    Pups save the hum-mover
    Sea patrol: pups save a sunken sloop
    Sea patrol: pups save a wiggly whale
    Pups save a high flying Skye
    Pups go for the gold
    Pups save an extreme lunch
    Pups save a cat burglar
    Sea patrol: pups save the flying diving bell
    Sea patrol: pups save a soggy farm
    Pups save the butterflies
    Pups save an underground chicken
    Pups save the bookmobile
    Pups save heady humdinger
    Sea patrol: pups save their pirated sea patroller
    Pups save the pawpaws
    Pups save a popped top
    Ultimate rescue: pups save the royal kitties
    Pups save the snowshoeing goodways
    Pups save a duck pond
    Sea patrol: pups save Tilly turbot
    Pups save an upset elephant
    Ultimate rescue: pups save the Tigers
    Rocky saves himself
    Pups and the mystery of the driverless snow cat
    Pups save the trick or treaters
    Pups save an out of control mini patrol
    Ultimate rescue: pups save the movie monster
    Mission paw: pups save a royal concert
    Mission paw: pups save the princess, pals
    Pups and the werepuppy
    Pups save a sleepwalking mayor
    Ultimate rescue: pups save a swamp monster
    Ultimate rescue: pups and the hidden gold bones
    Pups save a cuckoo clock
    Pups save ms. Marjorie’s house
    Pups save Thanksgiving
    Pups save a windy bay
    Pups save a frozen camp out
    Pups save the fizzy pickles
    Pups save a mascot
    Pups save a pluck o magic
    Ultimate rescue: pups save a runaway stargazer
    Pups save ace’s birthday suprise
    Pups save a tower of pizza
    Mighty pups

  15. SEASON 6
    Pups save the jungle penguins
    Pups save a freighter
    Ultimate rescue: pups stop a meltdown
    Ultimate rescue: pups and the mystery of the missing cell phones
    Pups save a melon festival
    Pups save a cow
    Pups save the honey
    Pups save mayor goodways purse
    Ultimate rescue: pups save the mountain climbers
    Ultimate rescue: pups save captain Gordy
    Pups and the stinky bubble trouble
    Pups save the baby ostriches
    Pups save Gustavo’s guitar
    Pups save the yoga goats
    Pups save bedtime
    Pups save chickalettas egg
    Mighty pups super paws: when super kitties attack
    Mighty pups super paws: meet the mighty twins
    Pups save a manatee
    Pups save breakfast
    Pups save the land pirates
    Pups save the birdwatching turbots
    Pups save a freaky pup day
    Pups save a runaway mayor

  16. I use to Like this TV show but know I hate it but it gets 2 stars because it is a Lot better than the other rubbish kids shows out there I mean how can anyone Like moon and me it is the worst TV show ever

  17. You’re definitely a woman why are shitting on rocky he does most of the work yet gets no credit for anything because chase always steals the spotlight

  18. My wife and I had a Hardy laugh at this. Very funny. Ryder is definitely a sociopath and will be the lead villain in a DC movie once he goes through puberty.

    Hopefully Everest and Sky can break away from Rider and Chase’s patriarchal oppression and be the heroes of said movie.

  19. And another thing. Can no one but Ryder make a decision? No human or animal in Adventure Bay except Ryder can put together a plan. Flat tire? Can’t just get in the trunk for a spare. Have to call the Paw Patrol. Lost my cow? Guess I can’t look myself have to call Ryder. Valcano blowing up? Don’t evacuate call Ryder.


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