Matching Girls Monday: advice from a matching girls mom

Want to know my absolute best advice for matching clothing for siblings? Here it is:

Buy two outfits for the little one.  Carter's Sibling Shirts
Why, you ask? I found out the hard way that babies grow a heck of a lot faster than their older siblings do. Having to pack away the entire set of clothing when baby or toddler grows seemingly overnight is rough.

So, after a few months of matching girls, I got smart and started buying a little big to start with and then a size or two up of the same outfit. That way baby would wear it when it was on the bigger side and until it no longer fit. And then would jump to the next biggest size and continue twinning for another 9 mos to a year.

My matching girls today:

Matching girls in Oshkosh

And a year and a half ago:

Kiddos on Valentines Day smallWant to know how I found all the matching clothing for my girls? It’s not as easy as you would think! This is why I created The Complete Guide to Matching Clothing for Baby, Kids, and Siblings. Have a photo shoot coming up and need matching or coordinating clothing? Start your search here, and be sure to pin for later!The Complete Guide to Matching CLothing for Baby Toddler Kids and Siblings

6 thoughts on “Matching Girls Monday: advice from a matching girls mom”

  1. I love matching outfits. That is a really great idea on buying 2 different sizes for the smaller child since they do grow so fast.

  2. The matching outfits are just adorable and what a fun way to get the kids to have fun while wearing the same outfit!

  3. I get a lot of matching for my 2 youngest girls and I also have older twin daughters but they no longer want to match each other.


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