Fresh from the PNW: Wild Roots

Wild RootsIt's no secret that I love farmer's markets. I love finding local brands that I love and can support, and I love meeting the people whose products I swear by. Such was the case when I visited a Oregon farmer's market while visiting family and I happened upon a Wild Roots booth. Vodka samples? Count me in, right?

Wild Roots Vodka 3So, we bought a bottle. And, then we went home and slowly enjoyed our Wild Roots Vodka that was infused with berries, and I was sad when the last drop was poured. Sad we were out and we didn't have a Portland trip planned, and sad that we didn't get more during our farmer's market trip.

I should clarify that I wasn't sad because we were out of vodka. In fact, we tend to collect bottles of all sorts of spirits, wines, and mixers because we just don't drink that often. We actually still have multiple bottles of alcohol from before we got married that are here collecting dust and I certainly wouldn't be sad if they just disappeared. But, this stuff is different. This stuff is actually good, not just good when mixed with a ton of sugar. Wild Roots Vodka 2So, when we ran out I really was quite sad. And, then I happened upon Wild Roots at Whole Foods, and then at Haggen Foods, and sometimes I've even been known to find it at Albertsons, and it has become our go-to entertaining must-have. In fact, we've turned so many friends onto Wild Roots that it's now specifically requested of us for parties we both host and attend.  Wild Roots VodkaIt really is that good. I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite Wild Roots concoctions later that will give you an idea of how to make delicious party-ready drinks, but for now, just do yourself a favor and track these down in retail. Or, you can visit their site and order from one of their online retailers. Trust me.

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