Where we were: Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Family standing in tulipsHey, Washington State, it's TULIP TIME! The tulips were at full bloom last week, so there isn't much time left to plan your excursion to Skagit Valley to see the tulips before they get harvested. Family at tulips 2017 2

Every year we go see the tulips in Mount Vernon, WA with the kids, and every year I am surprised by how much they still love it. We've gotten our route down perfectly to avoid tulip traffic {and no, sorry, I'm not telling you our secret}, we pack just enough snacks and hand sanitizer, and we plan for fun stops on the way home.
Tulip eyesPlease note: she did not pick any tulips from the fields. These were crushed flowers other kids had picked and then thrown in the mud that she rescued. Tyler and the kidsI will admit that Washington is beautiful all year round, but my favorite far and away is Seattle in the spring.Leanne with kids in tulips 2Did you get up to see the tulips this year? Check out TulipFestival.org for more information about visiting the tulip fields and be sure and check them out before they are gone for the season.

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  1. I am totally seeing everything through your eyes this Spring,first with the cherry blossoms and now with the tulips! Definitely making a point to take the family to see both next Spring.Thank you for the awesome posts!


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