People Blocks first building sets allow little ones to create with the power of magnets

People Blocks lay flat6a0105362badb1970b01b8d26a17bd970c-800wiMy little one is convinced that she’s as big as her siblings and should be able to do every single thing that they do. Unfortunately, this is most definitely not the case, which makes for some really frustrating play times when she insists on playing with the older kids’ toys but isn’t able to master the skills needed. People Blocks in packageThis is why I’m always on the hunt for toys that seem older and more mature, but are easy enough for her to grasp the concept on her own so she can play without frustration. An added bonus is if they can keep her occupied for hours, but even better is when those toys also hold the interest of all of my kids so they end up playing happily together for long periods of time. People Blocks ticked all of these boxes and then some, and they are one of my favorite new toys to make their way stateside.

People Blocks buildingPeople Blocks are so incredibly cool and a great way to build baby’s motor skills by providing a frustration-free building block for tiny fingers. Thanks to hidden magnets, even the youngest kids can build topple-free towers, connect the blocks to make cars that really move, and create people and structures that work together. People Blocks in boxWith all sorts of different shaped colored blocks, including ones with wheels and ones that can allow for movement, People Blocks are unlike any other building block. Maybe this is why all three of my kids are crazy for them and they are requested at every playdate.People Blocks connectionNot only can they build whatever their heart desires, but this building process requires no help from adults because it’s easy to master since the blocks literally click together on their own. Simply match up the sides of the blocks that have the brick decal and they will stick together magically and hold on their own.People Blocks connectedThe blocks themselves are lightweight and easy for kids to carry, are brightly colored to attract little ones, and they are designed for tiny fingers that are working on their dexterity. Whether they were utilizing the magnets or simply stacking them like regular blocks, the kids had hours of fun playing with them and building whatever they could imagine.People Blocks stackingWe found the learning possibilities to be massive with the People Blocks Classic Colors set we were sent. The kids learned about magnetic attraction, they sorted into similar size pieces and like colors, they played with shapes to recreate patterns. They followed instructions to build more complex designs, set up little worlds on the included playmat, and when playtime was finished, they used the included plastic tray to puzzle the blocks back in for storage. People Blocks in package 2There’s a reason why kids in Japan love the People Toy Company. Their products are developed from a parent’s point of view to help make parenting fun and easy, yet they cater to the developmental needs of your little one. People blocks playingI’m absolutely thrilled that People Blocks are now available here in the US. The People Blocks were just what I was looking for to help my little one build, create, and learn all on her own…if she can manage to sneak them away from her siblings.People Blocks playing 2People blocks eyesPeople Blocks Zoo Animals set is 17-piece building set featuring animal inspired shapes and a zoo themed play mat. Each chunky piece {no two pieces are the same} is crafted for little hands • $34.99

People Blocks 31-Piece Set Classic Colors set has 12 Cubes, 2 Wheeled Cubes, 4 Rectangles, 4 Regular Cones, 4 People Cones, 1 Hexagon, 2 Seesaws, and 2 Wedges. Each set includes a Double-Sided Play Mat {measures 11 1/2″ x 16 1/2″} • $59.99 People Block personPeople Blocks are now available at Amazon,, Barnes & Noble and specialty toy shops. You can follow People Toy Company on Facebook and Twitter.

48 thoughts on “People Blocks first building sets allow little ones to create with the power of magnets”

  1. My granddaughter has played with similar ones at a playplace and would love to give her a set since I know she loves them.

  2. My son has autism and has troubles with coordination to do regular blocks. I think these blocks with the magnets would be easier for him to build things.

  3. My little one and her cousin would have a blast with these! There is so much they could learn by playing with them!

  4. I would love to win these for my granddaughter because I think it would help to develop her creativity and spark her imagination and they look like a lot of fun!

  5. My niece has twins, a boy and a girl. They are turning 4 next month.
    This would be a great birthday present for them.

  6. This would be a great fine motorskill and creative way for my now 13 month old grand daughter to play with. She loves to use her foam blocks and build things.


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