Introducing Logan Everett, the first ever 18″ boy doll from American Girl

Sponsored post American Girl playing guitarHe’s here! He’s here! I feel like we’ve been waiting forever for the release of the new American Girl doll, Logan Everett. The rumors have been swirling for months that a boy doll was in the works and I think I got roughly 50 messages asking if it was true. I’m happy to say that the rumors were true, and Logan Everett arrived this month at American Girl on Valentine’s Day.  American Girl Logan in storeIf you know my son, you know he’s one of the biggest fans of American Girl that there ever was. It started when my daughter got her first doll when she was 4 and he was only 2, and that love has grown exponentially throughout the years. He was crazy excited when he was given a boy Bitty Twin we scored second-hand, but I always wished there was an 18” boy I could buy for him. American Girl Tenney and Logan in storeYou should have seen his face when his sister and I surprised him with his own Logan Everett doll at the Seattle American Girl café last week. Not only was he over the moon excited, but so was his sister who has been dying for him to get his own doll for years and years. She had been plotting since before Christmas about how she could get him a doll if they came out with a boy and Logan was everything she had hoped for for her brother.

American Girl cafeOf course, this adoration may have stemmed slightly from the fact that he was part of the Tenney Grant collection, a doll she has been dreaming about ever since she heard she was being released with Logan. But, she never asked for her own Tenney doll, even when she saw her in person the first time and squealed when she saw how gorgeous she was up close with her freckles and brown eyes. So, when she found out we got both the Logan and Tenney dolls for them to play together, she couldn't even believe it. American Girl Tenney and Logan best friendsMy son and daughter are, without a doubt, the best of friends. They adore each other and are almost never apart. Although they each have their own interests separate from each other, they still meet in the middle to play together more often than not. And, no matter what their age or stage, they have agreed on American Girl for over 4 years and it’s one of the main things they play with. American Girl spinningSo, the fact that American Girl came out with a boy and a girl best friend seemed like fate. Our little best friends needed the Tenney and Logan set.

And, although he’s played with American Girl Bitty Baby for years, my son’s really the perfect age for an 18” doll and all the accessories. I cannot wait to see Logan’s line expand throughout the years beyond the doll and the drum set, but until then, Logan is fitting in well in our American Girl world.

We’ve mixed and matched clothing, accessories and even a bed for him out of his sister’s collection and it’s quite adorable to see them play together with their very own dolls. They even made this cute little Tenney and Logan inspired drum craft so they could play band just like their dolls do. How cute is that? You can find the instructions here to make your own toy drums.Tenney and Logan 2If you’re still one of the many, many fans waiting for a Logan doll, don’t worry – they will be getting more soon! Whether you have a little boy who has wanted a boy doll of his own for years or you have a little girl who always hoped for a boy doll to round out her American Girl collection, Logan is bound to be adored. I know he is very much adored here in our home and will be for years and years.

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