Where we were: Government Camp, Oregon

Last week, my family was in a whirl of activity. We had the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander all loaded with snow gear, swimming suits, and all the clothes, luggage, and gear a family of 5 requires. We were all heading out for a media trip in Hood River, Oregon when we got the bad news: our press trip was cancelled because the highways to Hood River were all closed. Outlander 2017 luggageWe debated for a bit on what we should do and whether we should just scrap the whole trip and head to work and school, but the kids were devastated that their "snow trip" was cancelled. Plus, it's a whole lot of work to pack for so many people and plan an adventure. 

Outlander 2017 family
So, I did what any good blogger would do, and I found another town we could visit and create our own media trip. Sure, we weren't going to be dining in fancy restaurants, going to wine tastings, having guided ski day tours, or being pampered in a snow lodge, but we couldn't just head home and go about our normal routine – especially because family in Portland was expecting us for a quick visit after the media trip. IMG_1659A quick view of the closed highways and learning about where the snow and ice hit hardest and we decided to head to Mount Hood and check out Government Camp. I honestly knew absolutely nothing about Government Camp other than they had snow, but since that's what the kids were hoping for, I knew we could make it work. It turned out to be a perfect fit for us and it matched my energy level perfectly. IMG_1726We had an absolute blast exploring the new town, driving in snowy mountain passes, and seeing new places so close to where we normally visit. After our "media trip" was over, we stopped in Portland for two days to recover from our mountain adventure. Portland is always a great time, and this time was no exception. We'll definitely be exploring more in the town come spring and summer when we can hit up all the outdoor markets! IMG_1699

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