Microsoft Lumia 950 from AT&T makes it easier than ever to switch to Windows

Microsoft Lumia 950Sponsored postIf you’ve read any of my cell phone reviews, you already know that I’m a Windows gal through and through. It started back when I was switching from my business-issued Blackberry all those years ago and I debated whether I was going to go with an iPhone, the new Android device, or something else. It turns out “something else” is where my heart was, because I love my Windows phone.

I’ve already talked about why I love the Nokia Lumia 1520 from AT&T, but for those of you loved the features but who were worried about the Phablet size, the 5.2″ Microsoft® Lumia 950 with Windows® 10 from AT&T is definitely for you. Still not sure if Windows is the way to go? Here are just a few reasons why you should consider switching:

Windows, Windows everywhere

If you’re already running Windows 10 on your PC or laptop, you are already pretty familiar with Windows phones. They are better suited to business functions with their included Windows Office suite since you can open files on your PC and edit them on your phone. And, going with Windows lets you access all of your files easily right from your phone or computer via the cloud with OneDrive.

Microsoft Lumia 950Spreadsheet lovers unite

Since I am an Excel junkie, I love the Lumia 950 for work documents, blog reports, and spreadsheet capability on the go. It’s truly awesome for viewing and modifying Excel files as well as Word docs without having to cart around my computer. And whereas the HTC Windows phone had problems with Google docs and kept crashing whenever I would open files from my phone, I haven’t found the same issue with any of my Lumia phones, which is a big deal to me.


Because they use the familiar operating system you probably use at work and at home, Windows phones are also easy to use and the tile system allows you to customize your start screen just the way you want and change it however often you like. Microsoft Lumia 950 live tilesA Virtual Assistant at your service

Not sure if you can live without Siri? Windows users have Cortana, our own personal virtual assistant. All funny Siri responses aside, I prefer Cortana and love that she will learn your needs and interests over time. She can set reminders, add appointments to your calendar, tell you when you should leave home in order to make it to events on time, or call or text message people, all at your request. Microsoft Lumia 950 CortanaDistraction-free reading

The all-new Microsoft Edge browser gives you great on-the-go reading view free of distractions, and it gives you the option of saving and organizing your favorite reads so you can access them later.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Microsoft EdgeCall quality delivered

This is my favorite Windows phone to date as far as call quality and that makes me really happy. My husband still doesn’t like it when I use the speakerphone to talk with him or try and go “hands-free” by lodging the phone into the crook of my neck, but when I’m using the phone like a normal person it apparently sounds great and he’s really easy to hear on my end.

A legendary camera

A 20MP rear-facing camera with PureView ZEISS and a triple LED natural flash automatically takes sharp images of fast-moving objects, even in lower-light settings. 4K video capture gives you higher resolution and Optical Image Stabilization so you can let the camera do the work while you enjoy the moment. The 5MP front facing selfie cam on the 950 is also nice, but doesn’t hold a candle to the rear camera. Plus, the Lumia 950 has the camera button I prefer so you can capture the moment as it happens.

Windows, Hello

Windows Hello is still in Beta, but you can now experience it with the Lumia 950. If you haven’t heard of Windows Hello, it’s basically a way of securing your phone and making your face – via the camera – the “password” so no one can fraudulently access your phone. Simply wake up your device, look directly at the screen, and the custom infra-red camera technology authenticates you.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Windows HelloAdded storage, if you need it

The Lumia 950 is expandable via Micro SD so you can store music, photos, and apps to maximize your phone.

The downside

Every phone seems to have a give and take, and this one is no different. The one big bummer I’ve experienced so far has to do with battery life and charging. Since I’ve started using it I’m running down my battery every day by mid-afternoon, which seems to be an issue with this particular phone since everyone else I’ve heard raves about the 950 battery life.

This wouldn’t be a huge issue if this wasn’t the only phone anyone has ever heard of that utilizes the new mini USB C cable as opposed to the standard mini USB {whyyyyyy, Microsoft, whyyyyyyy?}. This new cable is so new that it is basically unbuyable in-store and isn’t cheap online. So, if you can’t reach me, it’s because my phone died and my one and only mini USB C cable is at home… again. I’m looking into getting a battery replacement and seeing if that helps the issue until I can order up a cable because I’m so happy to be back to Lumia and so far have been loving the new phone.     Lumia 950 tile screenIf you are thinking of getting this awesome phone for yourself, you can pick it up at any AT&T store or at AT&T online. You can find the Microsoft Lumia 950 here and see special deals and limited time pricing.

Leanne SignatureA big thank you to AT&T for re-introducing me to the Lumia. It’s been too long and I’m glad to be reunited.

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