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It’s basically mashed potato season, right? I think we can all agree that while the holidays may not be entirely designed around this delicious potato treat, it definitely is not the same without them. Can you imagine a turkey dinner without a scoop of fluffy mashed potatoes ready for topping with gravy? I know, I know, I don’t want to imagine that, either.

Luckily, we live in a world where potatoes exist, and even luckier that we live in a world where we can mash them up and enjoy them any day of the year – but especially this time of year. Now that we agree that mashed potatoes are the unofficial spirit food of the holidays, we have to agree how to prepare them. For this, there is the Masha Masher by Salton that combines the unique aspects of a ricer with specifically designed blades that give you the lightest and most fluffiest potatoes anywhere. Masha rotorSo, how does it work? Many people don’t know this, but conventional hand blenders and food processors actually rupture the starch grains, giving them a glue-like consistency. The Masha is different because it although it looks a bit like an immersion blender, instead it uses a low speed rotor to force food through an outer mesh, much like a motorized ricer. The result is perfectly mashed foods without lumps, in just seconds.

Masha Masher uprightThe Masha is the perfect mashing tool not only for the holidays, but really for any day. As I’m sure you gathered from the title of the post, the Masha isn’t exclusively for mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. In fact, you can use the Masha for all sorts of vegetables, as well as for mixing just about any batter, for preparing guacamole and even for making up baby foods. This makes it practical for any cook, not just for those who make lots of potatoes. Masha MasherThis practicality means it’s guaranteed to not get buried in a cupboard somewhere like every other random kitchen gadget. It’s so fun and easy to use that after you try it once you will find all sorts of reasons to use it over and over. It just feels good in your hand with its rugged, yet soft, grip and its ergonomically designed handle.

Not only is it easy to use, it’s also super quick to clean since it has a patented quick release mechanism that releases the base for easy cleaning. And, since the power button is completely encased, the power handle is easy just to wipe down to erase any trace of vegetables. Masha easy releaseHave a mashed potato super fan on your holiday list? Get them their own Masha and give the gift that keeps on giving. Have a new mom on your list? Get them the Masha and help them make their own baby food without having to invest in a one-time appliance that will be abandoned after the toddler years. How about the person that always brings the amazing guacamole that people talk about all year? Yep, the Masha is for them, too.

You can find the Masha Electric Vegetable Masher at as well as select retailers near you.

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