The new Storks movie was worth the wait

Sponsored postWe went to the movie theater with the kiddos this summer and I missed the previews while I was getting my little one set to sit still for 2 hours. Normally, I get excited about missing previews because who wants to sit for an extra 10-15 minutes watching commercials? But, this time my kids were uncharacteristically upset that I hadn’t seen a specific movie preview and insisted on acting it out and reliving it over and over again. WP_20160922_09_03_39_ProThat movie was STORKS, and it dominated their thoughts all summer, especially these last few weeks when they would see posters, banners, and commercials for the new movie. They would yell, “That’s it mama! That’s the movie we wanna see – the one with the baby!” Storks-movieIf your kids haven’t been harassing you about the movie, here’s what you need to know:

As you probably gathered from the name, the movie is centered around our winged friends, the storks. A long time ago storks used to deliver babies, but now they deliver packages for a global internet retail giant. Junior {Andy Samberg} is the company’s top delivery stork and he’s about to be promoted, but he has one final task before he will be named as boss. That task goes awry and the Baby Making Machine accidentally gets activated, producing an adorable and wholly unauthorized baby girl. Now Junior must deliver this bundle of trouble with his friend Tulip {Katie Crown} before the boss gets wise. A wild journey ensues with lots of shenanigans and laughs in order to bring this baby to her waiting family. WP_20160922_09_02_51_ProObviously, the kids were ecstatic when they found out that our surprise for them yesterday was attending the Seattle prescreening of the film. As soon as they got to the theater they guessed why they were there, and there was a whole lot of excited screams. But, I still wasn’t sold. Having heard the preview dissected in detail by my little ones before finally seeing it, I was worried that when it finally came time for watching it, the jokes would be old and end up falling flat.  

But, even just a few minutes in, I was laughing really hard and all of my trepidation was gone. Despite the whole summer of build-up, Storks still held up well and had a fun storyline with lots of laughter and adventure. My favorite part by far was the parent-guilt exchange, but there were still so many other parts that had us quoting on the way out of the theater and laughing all the way home.

Storks had just the right amount of goofiness, adventure, and colorful characters to make it entertaining to watch for all ages. But, really, it was the great writing and all the heart that made it well worth the few months wait. I loved all the family messages and even teared up a few times, but that could be because I’m a big softy these days.

Warner Bros' new movie Storks can be found in 2D and in 3D in select theaters starting tomorrow, September 23, 2016.

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