Gearing up for a safe and fun summer with SafeSplash Swim School

Sponsored post SafSplash Swim LessonsI’m sure you’ve seen all the articles circulating about drowning, and how it doesn’t look like what you think it does. I saw an article about the dangers of drowning a few years ago and promptly purchased some life jackets for all the kiddos because there is no way I can keep them out of the water when we spend our summers at lakes, rivers, pools, and beaches.

So, for the past few years they have been safe, yes, but unfortunately they haven’t gained any actual swimming skills. I knew I needed to get them out of their jackets and was thrilled when I heard about SafeSplash, a company that believes swimming is a life skill. I love this concept and I couldn’t agree more about the importance of learning swim skills. SafeSplash swimming is a life skill

My year of swim lessons as a child has literally saved my life more than once, and I want to make sure my kids have these skills they can rely on when it matters most. One of my favorite things about SafeSplash swim lessons is that they offer truly individual attention that focuses on the ability and comfort of the child.

My oldest absolutely loves the water and it won’t take much before she is off on her own. For her, she is working on the basics of swimming and water safety with her instructor, Claire. Throughout the lesson I hear squeals of glee coming from her as she swims, goes under water, and learns swimming strokes. Claire takes all the time she needs to get comfortable with new techniques and helps her with her form and perfecting the moves. My daughter then spends the entire week leading up to the next SafeSplash swim lesson talking about how she’s a mermaid. Mermaid blood or no, she’s still in the beginning stages of learning to swim and needs someone right beside her at all times, so I love that SafeSplash is giving her that individual attention she needs.   SafeSplash smilesMy youngest is just a year old, but she is already following after her older sister and her love of the water. She loves her teacher, Julia, in the Parent-N-Me toddler swim class and swimming with the other young kiddos. It was really fun watching the littlest ones swimming with their parents, singing songs, splashing, learning to kick, crawling on the side, pushing off, and sharing water toys. I love that the little ones are getting comfortable in the water while the parents are learning proper techniques for keeping their little one safe.

But, in stark contrast to my mermaids, my middle child begged, pleaded, and tried to bargain his way out of having to put his face in the water for his first SafeSplash swim lesson. We assured him that no one was going to make him do something he wanted to do, and he confidently went into the water with his instructor, Hoss. Hoss had him at ease in mere minutes and they were laughing and joking about Star Wars while starting his lesson. No more than three minutes into the lesson and my son dunked his head – on purpose, and then laughed. The next lesson, he did a back float for 9 seconds all on his own, which is some seriously huge progress. He may not be a mermaid, but he’s making strides towards actually getting comfortable in the water and being able to swim on his own soon. This right here is some crazy good progress. SafeSplash swimmingThis kind of progress isn’t an anomaly, at SafeSplash; their curriculum has been tested and proven over 4 million times in schools throughout the country.  The SafeSplash teaching philosophy is based on four core components: 1) curriculum focused on water safety, swimming basics and the four core swimming strokes 2) SafeSplash Certified instructors 3) The SafeSplash Match commitment to match teaching style to the needs of the student, and 3) Splash-N-Tell.SafeSplash kidsThey have 11 unique teaching levels, each designed to teach a set of skills that build upon the skills taught in the prior level and progressive teaching that allows a student to learn to swim at a pace that is comfortable and individualized.

Currently, SafeSplash has over 110 locations throughout the US, 36 in Mexico, and additional classes through its sister company, Swimtastic Swim Schools. SafeSplash Swim School is opening new locations throughout North America on a monthly basis, so the chances are that they have a location right around the corner from you. You can find a class here. In addition to swim lessons, SafeSplash also offers camps and swim team conditioning programs on a seasonal basis.  

Find out more about how to register for a swim class near you and read more about the SafeSplash difference.

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