Let your little one follow their heart with Aeromax

Sponsored post Shoot for the moonWe tell kids to dream big all the time. We say that they can be whatever they want to be… when they are older. But, what about now? What if we gave them the tools to follow their hearts today?

You won't even mind that what they want to be changes by the hour when following your heart is as easy as slipping on a new costume from Aeromax Toys. If you’re unfamiliar with Aeromax, I highly suggest you check them out. I was first introduced to their line of dress up gear at our local children’s museum, and even though the costumes had likely been worn and washed hundreds of times, it was clear to me that Aeromax Get Real Gear was special from first glance.

Aeromax firefighterFor one, it truly looks and feels like the real stuff. We’re talking metal buckles, embroidery, pockets, patches, and more. But in addition, it’s also extremely well made with durable, and in some instances, reinforced fabrics that allow kids to really live in the clothes. This is all great because kids really do live in their costumes; I’ve seen it firsthand at my house. Nasa fllight jacket up closeIt’s well known that my kids love dress up, but my son in particular is famous for his school pick up ensembles and nearly every day he goes in full costume to pick up his sister. These costumes range anywhere from firefighter to astronaut to army specialist, but the one thing they all have in common is the excited reactions they get from the kids as he rounds the corner across the field on his wooden motorcycle.

I used to resist the costumes outside of the house for fear he would ruin them, but then I learned to embrace the outside-of-the-house dress up because it just made him so happy. Surprisingly, years later the Aeromax clothing and gear still looks great after countless days of play, and I actually love the bit of “wear and tear” that they have taken. When I look at the cuffs of the firefighter costume and know that they are worn because they were so well loved that they saw so many hours of play, it makes me so happy that we’ve invested in gear that is as serious about dress up as my kids are.   Sciencing rocksSo, when I saw the newest line from Areomax that includes a NASA Flight Jacket and a STEM Lab Coat, I knew immediately that these were something we needed for our collection. My daughter has been “science-ing” everything from rocks to bugs for years now, and I have told her countless times how she could BE a scientist…someday. She could be the one to cure diseases, track storms, or you know, do something {hopefully safer} in a lab somewhere. ScientistBut, now she can follow her heart and be a scientist today in her STEM Lab Coat. I'll admit it makes me tear up a little thinking about her using her big heart and her insatiable thirst for knowledge to accomplish big things in a lab one day. For now, we will focus on STEM toys and science kits that are made oh-so-much cooler when you add a white lab coat. The ScientistAs for my little guy? He’s happy in his Flight Jacket that he’s sure is going to serve him well on his flight to the moon or Planet Zumbia {which he’s totally convinced is a thing. Thank goodness we’re not relying on him to cure diseases…yet}. Nasa flight jacketLearning and playing is so much more fun with Aeromax Toys. Whether you are learning all about the terrain of the moon or you are collecting rocks in your pocket to "science", Aeromax has all of your pretend play covered. Nasa flight jcket with moonLove Aeromax Toys? Be sure you like them on Facebook, and follow them on YouTube

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  1. So adorable! I’ve been thinking we need more dress up clothes, but I really wanted the good stuff, not the stuff that just falls apart. I guess I should be shopping Aeromax!


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