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Sponsored postBy now you know how much I love personalized gifts. Add in pictures of my kids, and it's basically going to be my most favorite thing ever. But, I've got a locket with photos, I have photo prints, photobooks, and even a plaque. So, what else is there?

How about a photo blanket, you say? I had always dismissed photo blankets as kind of grandma-y and never looked at them seriously, but when sent me an email and asked if I wanted to see one in person, how could I say no? And, then I saw it in person and was in love. Seriously, is there anything cuter than this? Photo blanket from

Getting started was super easy, and I immediately was excited when I clicked through the link and saw how cute some of the blankets were. Not grandma-y at all, in fact, I was really, truly excited to design one.

The system made it simple and it was just a matter of choosing the size of the blanket, deciding if I wanted to upgrade the fleece {I went with the plush fleece upgrade}, uploading pictures, and then shuffling them around the blanket until I liked blanketThe making of the blanket was really fun. I especially liked the shuffling feature that let me adjust my favorite pictures and the rest of the images would automatically adjust. It just took minutes and my blanket was designed and ready to view.

Note: At this point, I *should* have slowed down and chosen a colored pattern for the edge of the blanket instead of leaving it white, but I was going too fast and not paying attention. I don't even remember seeing that as an option, which means I must have been in some photo fog where I wasn't properly reading. I think I'm going to be kicking myself for a long time about that one, because I am so bummed I didn't do the color around the edges. I might just have to sew a fleece edge around it because I love my blanket way too much to have regrets.

And, oh how I love the fleece photo blanket from It sits on the couch and I love cuddling up with it to watch TV and snuggle with the kiddos. The really kids love picking out their own pictures and talking about how we were in Georgia in some pictures, Turks & Caicos in others, Portland, OR in another, Chelan in another, and Edmonds in another. It was supposed to be a family blanket now that we're a family of 5, but it turned into a travel blanket, too, because of the pictures I chose. It wasn't on purpose, but it's a very happy accident. photo blanket
I think it goes without saying that no matter how much I love the blanket now, it's only going to get more and more special as the years go on. I'm glad that as the blanket becomes more sentimental as the kids grow, I'm going to have decades of memories of us cuddling up under it. If anyone is wondering, that's all the makings of a perfect present.

Want to buy one of these awesome fleece photo blankets from Check out the website and start designing. And, even though the process is quick and easy, learn from my mistakes and slow down when it comes to ordering. Preview it, add a colored border, and then fall in love. Trust me.

And, you should buy NOW. They are having an awesome deal that takes up to 64% off photo blankets and adds free shipping, which makes the blanket I got only $55. If I didn't upgrade the fleece, it would only be $45. I know you can't see this in person, but it is a steal at that price. It almost makes me want to order another with the patterned edge. To see the blanket deal, click here. But, don't wait because it ends in 1 day!

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  1. We love these Custom Photo Fleece blankets and think they are a great gift to give to Grandma for the Holidays with the kids pictures on it!


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