Glamping FamilyBeing on social media all day, I feel like there are days where I go down this rabbit hole of drudgery. From sad news posted from friends to horrible national and international conflicts, every day there is something else to feel bad about.

There are days I just sit and cry thinking about things and I'm broken apart thinking of the children with nowhere to sleep, of parents grieving the loss of kids, of people living in fear, and of towns I love in chaos. Then I get sad thinking about the state of the world we will be leaving our children.

This fall has been especially hard for me as I'm in a state of uncertainty. Since 2008 I've been running this site and sharing what gadgets, gear, and places we love. But, most people don't know that through it all, this has mostly been my night gig. My day job has changed throughout the years after I left my corporate job and began to freelance, but I always has something that offered steady income and a soft place to fall.

Not anymore. As of October, I officially became unemployed. Although it is scary and there are days I wonder if it was the right decision, I am hopeful that this freedom is going to give me more time to focus on minimizing the hours I spend working and give more time for family, as well as hopefully lead to bringing in more money than I was before when I was punching a clock and working for someone else. Family in Georgia
Even in these uncertain times as I dread seeing the news each morning and I get scared when I realize that there's no paycheck coming at the end of the week, I am also so thankful. I feel an immense sense of gratitude to all of you that have stuck around through the years and to those of you that just recently started reading. It's through this support that I'm able to make a little bit of money on this site to be able to provide for my family, which makes being unemployed a whole lot less stressful.

I am so blessed by the love that is around me, both at home, from readers, and by my friends in my wonderful blogging community. I truly couldn't do this alone and am so thankful to have all this support and encouragement. So, from me to you I say, thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving from Rave & Review!

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