Seattle: Have dinner with Chef Tom Douglas on November 5th

Sponsored postSomeone once heard I was from Seattle and exclaimed, "Seattle, WA the land of Tom Douglas? You're so lucky!" This makes me so happy for a variety of reasons.

First, I love that Seattle is becoming well known for having great food. Tom Douglas is often described as the chef who put Seattle on the culinary map, and his numerous restaurants around the Seattle area are some of my favorites. Second, as anyone who has ever met Tom or heard him on the local radio shows will tell you, he's a great guy. Tom Douglas picture

I've met Tom Douglas quite a few times throughout the years at blogging events, charity auctions, book signings, at his restaurants, and at Macy's Culinary Council events and it's always a joy to hang out with him. Being in a town where I can catch up with him a few times a year is pretty awesome, and I love sharing where he's going next so local readers can get a chance to meet the man behind the restaurants.

So, when is the next chance to see the great Chef Tom Douglas in Downtown Seattle? You're in luck, because Macy’s Culinary Council is hosting a Tom Douglas dinner party and cookbook signing on Thursday, November 5th, 2015 – 6PM at Macy's in Downtown Seattle.

But, not just any dinner party. You could actually dine with Tom Douglas as he shares his culinary stories and favorite award-winning recipes.

So, how can you attend? You can either buy tickets for $100 a pair or you can get them FREE with any purchase of $100 or more during Macy’s Home Sale now through November 5th. How awesome is that? You can buy some new cookware or housewares from Macy’s and you will receive two reserved seats to the dinner, a $10 Macy's gift card and a copy of Chef Douglas' cookbook, The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook, which you can have him sign during the event.

WHEN: Thursday, November 5th, 2015 – 6PM
HOW: RSVP to 1-877-556-2297 before Nov 5th

For more information check out the Dine with Tom Douglas event page.

You can learn more about the council and upcoming events by visiting Macy's Culinary Council. Be sure to follow @CulinaryCouncil on Twitter.

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