Dress up with official NFL kid’s costume sets from Franklin Sports

Sponsored postAre you sick of the Halloween costumes made to last one night before they get abandoned? In my house, we won't even consider a costume unless we are sure the kids will use it for dress up even well after the pumpkins have been tossed. This means no cheapie costumes that will rip and fall apart after one use, we need stuff that is kid tough and made to be played in. Franklin Sports NFL costume
So, this year we're going with something we know the kids will wear every Friday and Sunday during football season as we cheer on the Seahawks, the Franklin Sports official NFL deluxe helmet with uniform. Definitely not a one night use item, these make for a fun-filled Halloween and a festive football season.NFL Deluxe Helmet and Uniform SetDesigned for game day as well as costume parties, we've already gotten good use out of our set and we've only had it a few days. Clearly, this is one costume that is definitely not going to be buried in the dress up bin or tossed after one night. Seahawks uniform
The set comes with a play helmet that looks just like the real thing, a team jersey, pants and iron-on number kit so you can customize with your favorite player's number. And, whether the kids wear it all together as it was intended or they mix and match so they can wear the jersey to school for Blue Friday, or the helmet with whatever Seahawks clothing they have in their closets, you can bet it's going to be a hit.

In fact, it's such a big hit that we had to get two helmets so both kids had one to wear. It might take up a good portion of the dress up bin, but it's worth it for peacekeeping purposes, as well as pictures like this. Franklin Helmets
It also means us adults can steal them away to play with as well. It should be noted that the helmet is technically for ages 4-7, but unless you have a really large head, it just might fit you. We all thought it was going to be too snug, but it's surprisingly comfortable. And, it apparently makes us very fierce looking. Tough Seahwaks
And we sometimes even let the baby in on the fun. Franklin sports helmet on baby As you can see, this is not a cheap helmet. It's not rated for playing during football games as it's not padded enough, but it's plenty tough for tossing a ball around and pretending to play. Complete with chin strap, they look just like the helmet designs worn on-field by the pros, which makes it incredibly cool in my little ones' eyes.   Franklin deluxe helmetThe official NFL kid's costume sets are offered in multiple sizes, which accommodate most kids ages 4-9. You can see all of the NFL costume sets and pick out your team here.

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