Enjoy the season with the new Glade® Limited Edition Fall Collection scents

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GladeForFall #CollectiveBias Glade Goodness of fallMy grandma always told me that they ended up in Washington for a number of reasons, but the big selling point for her was that it had all four seasons. Like my grandma, I love the changing seasons so I am very appreciative that they decided to put down roots here. But, as much as I adore spring, summer, and even winter, my favorite is fall.

Fall is bursting with promise. The promise of crisp air and cooler nights, colorful nature walks, road trips to see the foliage, and of family days spent walking corn mazes in tall boots and enjoying this beautiful place we call home. Fall is the month we get to enjoy all of that and more, and we get to do so with a steaming mug of coffee and a knit cap. Glade PIcking Up Leaves

With how much I love all things fall, I'm not content to leave all this fall goodness outside. I want to bring all the wonderful things I love about fall inside so I can enjoy them all day long.

They say scent is one of our most powerful senses, and I have no doubt that is true. Because it’s such a powerful memory trigger, I decided to take a trip to my local Fred Meyer to see if I could find some fragrances that spoke to me and brought about some awesome fall memories. Although there were plenty of scents that I fell in love with, the two Glade® scents from the Limited Edition Fall Collection that went home with me just had that extra special something. Glade at KrogerThe fragrance of pumpkin in the new Pumpkin Pit Stop™ scent by Glade® and I’m instantly transported to the local harvest market packed with gourds of all kinds. Days of family fun spent running around the patch and picking our favorites before we load them up in our wagon and take them home to paint, carve, and display instantly helps brighten my day. Fall pictureI love the warm scent of Pumpkin Pit Stop™ and knew it would be perfect for making my kitchen and living area welcoming throughout the fall. What could be better than returning home at the end of the day and flipping on the wax warmer to fill the whole room with the fall cheer of Pumpkin Pit Stop™ while we snuggle up as a family to read stories together? Glade Wax Melts packageThe crisp scent of Hit the Road™ by Glade® instantly took me back to the walks I enjoyed taking with my grandma to enjoy the falling leaves crunching under our feet. Below is a picture of us from 2000 taken just before I started at the University. Notice the chestnut she placed on the bridge railing in front of us? That was just one of her many treasures she collected that day and placed in her pockets while we walked. Grandma and I seasonsAs she got older and has been unable to go on our walk like she used to, we now drive to see all the fall foliage. Winding around on the tree-lined country roads will always be one of my favorite things to do on a beautiful fall day, enjoying the smell of cool, fresh air.

I chose the Hit the Road™ PlugIns® scented oil to enjoy in our upstairs when I want the scent of fresh fall air but it’s too cold to have the windows open. The crisp, clean feeling reminds me of those relaxing days spent enjoying all the sights of the season, and the smell tells me to slow down and enjoy all those precious moments of the season. Glade plug insI have small kids so we don’t do open flames around here, but I couldn’t resist the candles by Glade®. I am going to bring these to my grandma so she can enjoy them in her home even when I’m not there. She’s had a rough year and hasn’t been able to get out as much as I know she would like, so I know she’s going to appreciate a little bit of fall that she can enjoy indoors.

One simple smell can take us both right back to those days we spent enjoying the changing of the seasons together. Now, as I enjoy all the awesomeness of fall with my own kids, I am sharing that same love my grandma showed me all those years ago and pairing it with scents they will always associate with their childhood.

What Glade® Limited Edition Fall Collection scent would help you share your favorite things about fall with those you love? Glade fall memory

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  1. My daughter sent me the link to this today and I’m so glad because i used to have a fall scented candle and have always wanted to find another this sounds like a great alternative — thanks so much for posting!

  2. I love scented candles! But my Mother doesn’t care from them that much so I only get to light the one we have about four times a year. wish I could get these!

  3. I’ve never tried the glade candles, looks like its the perfect time. It looks like the fall scents would be great to get us in the mood for fall. Thanks for sharing.


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