Two coffemakers in one: BLACK + DECKER Café Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker with Travel Mug

Sponsored postThe last time we owned a coffee pot was before we got married. It was a cheap model we got at a discount store specifically for guests that drank coffee because neither of us were big coffee drinkers at the time. That pot got used 3, maybe 4 times, and we ended up getting rid of it in favor of a single brew machine that we could use for making individual coffees.

Fast forward over a decade and we are now big coffee drinkers, but we still don’t own a coffee pot. Since we each get up at different times in the morning, we typically each make our own single serve brew each day so that neither of us get stuck with old coffee. Black and Decker k-cup coffee makerThis all works out great until we have a house full of people and we're making cup after cup of coffee. Then, single serve k-cups feel very wasteful… and pricey. We thought about buying a new pot for this purpose and in the end it just didn't make sense to store an extra coffeemaker that only got used when we have company.

If only there was a coffeemaker that could brew individual cups as well as carafe brewing…Black and Decker coffee maker small cup Well now there is thanks to the BLACK + DECKER Café Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker that brews full 12-cup carafes of coffee as well as single serve portions in 6 different sizes.

Black and Decker coffee maker two sidedNot only that, but when brewing individually you can also choose between pre-packaged K-Cups or you can utilize the reusable mini brew basket to make your favorite ground coffee, which makes the coffeemaker so much more versatile than even other K-Cup brewers. Black and Decker brew basketAs much as I love the dual brewing options and the option to use grounds instead of expensive K-Cups, I also love that the Café Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker is the solution to all the little problems I’ve have with K-Cup machines in the past. First, it has a much bigger water reservoir than you typically find, which means less refilling between brews. Second, it has numerous height adjustments available so you can brew everything from small mugs to thermos size travel mugs. Black and Decker coffee pot from sideThen, because you can choose the size of your brew in various increments from 6oz to 20oz, it allows you to fully customize your morning mug of coffee with just one press of a button. Black and Decker controlsNo longer are we just able to brew into only our shortest mugs that fit beneath the brewer, and no longer are we stuck sitting there holding a mug at at awkward angle and pressing brew over and over for taller thermoses. One touch and you can let the Café Select coffeemaker do the rest. Black and Decker coffee potOf course, when we’ve got a full house I’m going to love the 12-cup carafe option that will allow me to keep a pot warm throughout the entire event. With the Evenstream Showerhead Technology I know I’m going to be serving a perfectly brewed cup to everyone that wants one, and there won’t be garbage cans full of K-Cup packages when everyone goes home. Who knows, I might even utilize the Sneak-a-Cup feature that allows not-so-patient coffee lovers to get a piping hot cup of coffee without waiting. Bacl and Decker coffee for dadI bet you’re a little worried about just how big this unit is as you’re picturing one unit basically the size of two, but you’ll be happy to know that the Café Select takes up just a few inches more room on the counter than the single serve K-Cup machine we have been using. How cool is that? It’s two in one without taking up the room of two!

If you are currently storing two coffeemakers so you can have carafes as well as cups of coffee, you should definitely put the awesome Black + Decker Café Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker on your list. Or, if you have one or the other and are constantly wishing you had two options you could switch between easily, this is the coffeemaker for you.

Black + Decker Café Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker (model CM6000BDM) features:
•    Single Serve Brewing
•    Full Carafe Brewing
•    Customizable Brew Settings
•    20-oz. Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug
•    60-oz. Removable Water Reservoir
•    Sneak-a-Cup™
•    Evenstream™ Showerhead Technology
•    Auto Clean™
•    Adjustable Drip Tray
•    Perfect Pour™ Carafe
Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Black + Decker for sending a coffeemaker for us to review. As always all opinions are 100% ours.

8 thoughts on “Two coffemakers in one: BLACK + DECKER Café Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker with Travel Mug”

  1. I just love this. So perfect when we have friends over. I can see my husband getting his coffee in a mug to go to work, while my quilting friends and I can have the whole pot. This is a GREAT invention! Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t heard about this coffee maker.

  2. For health reasons, my husband is now drinking decaf while I still drink regular. Is it possible to brew a pot of the decaf and a cup of the regualr at the same time? Thank you..

  3. The coffee from the single side, if not a K cup, tastes like Dirty socks or Dirty dish water. Cleaned with Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol. Tried Starbucks, Dunkin and Folgers. Couldn’t drink any of them. Ended up returning it.

  4. I’ve had this machine for several years and have never used the single serving side. Now my owners manual is long lost. Can anyone tell me the instructions for activating the single serving option?


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