The perfect camera for all of our many adventures: the Lumix G7

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Panasonic. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”Wish lanterns LumixIf you know us, you know we’re always on the go as a family. We pack in as much adventure as we can with the kiddos, and we are always down for vacations, day trips, and even just every day exploring. On these adventures, I have certain things that I must have at all times.

Aside from the essentials like water and food, another non-negotiable item is my camera. But, with 3 kids and all of their necessary gear, I can’t be saddled with camera stuff that needs its own luggage. I need a compact camera I can use, and then put away so I can enjoy these adventures without always being stuck with a camera in hand. Lumix first swimsuitBecause I have better things to carry. Like this little bundle of joy.

Finally the struggle over whether quality pictures are worth carrying around tons of gear is over now that there are lightweight options like the Lumix G7. The entire camera weighs less than some of my larger lenses for my other SLR camera, and the lenses that it uses are impossibly tiny so I can carry a whole camera system without feeling like a pack mule for just a day at the beach. Lumix portrait at beachThis tiny camera has interchangeable lenses like a traditional DSLR, but the Lumix G7 mirrorless DSLR just has a smaller and lighter package that makes it super portable. This means it easily fits in my backpack or even my purse to capture memories from all of our adventures.

Never again do I have to go without my camera and be sad about all those perfect shots I’m missing. Instead, I can pack the Lumix G7 and get gorgeous shots that help us remember all those little moments like the first time the baby stepped into the ocean, but without having to cart around a full camera bag. Lumix first time in the oceanHere are just some of the features I love on our adventures:

The touch-enabled monitor to make it so user-friendly that I can literally hand the camera to anyone and they can take gorgeous shots. While I love figuring out a camera and really diving into customizing my shooting settings, I know not everyone enjoys menu hopping while navigating with only a few buttons. For those people, the touch screen is their best friend because you can change most everything simply by touching the screen back and choosing settings from there, including selecting those 4K pictures for saving. You can also select your focus right on the touch screen so you can choose whatever you want crystal clear and let the camera do the rest, easily. This means I can actually hand the camera over every now and again and friends can snap shots like this of the family without needing a full camera tutorial. And, that makes it worth everything in my eyes. Lumix family picturesThe Micro 4/3 lens system that makes for some super tiny lenses that pack a big punch. I like the lens it came with straight out of the box (14-42) that takes clear and sharp images that you would never expect from a lens this small. But, when traveling I have found I really need more of a zoom to capture nature shots or anything else I can’t get right up to. For this reason I will definitely be adding to my lens selection when I can, because that would make it even easier to leave the larger camera at home. Lumix blueberry pickingThe 4K Ultra HD Video mode that allows you to choose “that perfect moment” from a series of up to 30 frames-per-second video and extract it as an 8MP still image. Now no matter how fast your subject is, or what kind of action you find on your journey, you can capture it easily and never miss a moment. With three 4K modes {4K Pre-Burst, 4K Start/Stop, and 4K}, it takes all the guesswork and stress out of getting that perfect shot, and allows you to still enjoy the moment.

The iAuto setting that automatically adjusts and selects the correct scene setting so you can get the best picture on the fly. I’ve never tried an Auto setting I liked, even on my super expensive cameras I’ve owned or rented, but I truly love the iAuto setting on the Lumix G7. While I still love playing with the settings and manually selecting everything I can when I have a situation I can control such as professional shoots or still life shots, when we’re talking kids, fast is definitely preferred. I love that when the kids start doing something adorable, I can simply flip on the camera, set it to iAuto and shoot away and I almost always end up with gorgeous shots. It also makes it so much easier to get shots of myself because hubby is a big iAuto fan. Lumix my girlsBuilt-in Wi-Fi to share all your beautiful photos on the fly. When I’m at an event or I’m just sharing our family adventures, I have two choices: I can share awful pictures from my cell phone, or I can post after the fact once I have downloaded pictures and the send them back to my phone. Either of these options makes me grumpy, so I love I now have a third option: take the Lumix G7 and share right to my cell phone or tablet on the fly via the Lumix app. This third option makes for a really happy photo-nut that wants to share photos in a timely manner. 

If you’re an avid traveler or are always on the go, you will definitely want to check out the Lumix G7 to see how you can lighten your load without sacrificing your most precious souvenir – the shots that you capture on your journey.

Want to know more? Click though the link to find out more about the Panasonic Lumix G7, and be sure to follow Panasonic on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you can see all the amazing things this little camera can do. 

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  1. Oh I have to check in to this! My camera that was only two years old quit working about a month ago. I am so lost without one….but would love one that does a little more than the one I had! This looks like a GREAT option!


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