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Sponsored postWhen you think back to school must-haves, you’re probably picturing this, right? Back to school suppliesI’m going to argue that getting ready for back to school is not just about kids. Us moms have to wake up every morning, make breakfasts, pack lunches, get everyone out the door in time, and deliver our little darlings to school safely. We could stand to go back to school shopping for the necessities that will get us through the school year as well.

Our back to school must-haves look a bit more like this: Back to schoo must have for mom


So, what do we need? We need coffee, and lots of it.

We need a compact camera for capturing those first day photos, and we need a premade sign so we’re not scrambling the morning of the first day of school. Use an old frame and print on simple printer paper or buy one at a craft store, but just make sure you do it before the morning of.

We need a good pair of dark sunglasses to hide our tears as our little ones run off to their first days of school as well as to shield our eyes from the morning sun throughout the fall.

And, because the kids shouldn’t get all the fun stuff, we need some new back to school fashions for ourselves. Whether it’s a pair of new sneakers or clogs for the walks to and from the school or bus, or it’s a jacket that can take you into fall, treat yourself to something fun to make those early mornings a little more bearable. Back to school lee jeans for momMy new back to school wardrobe just got a whole lot more exciting thanks to Lee Jeans. With three kids I run around and goof off with, I go through jeans faster than any other wardrobe staple. I love all of the Lee Jeans I’ve ever worn, and I feel like they hold up really well even with our crazy adventures – in fact, out of three pairs of jeans that I own, two of them are Lee.

So, when Lee Jeans sent me new jean styles to try out this fall, I was crazy excited to purge my old denim I'm just not wearing anymore. They sent the Curvy Fit Modern Series Knox and the Curvy Fit Modern Series Carolyn in long lengths and I am in love.

The Knox jeans are my first pair of black denim, and I love having something a little bit different than my normal denim to choose from. I can dress the pants up with a fancier top, or I can wear them with a t-shirt and a hoodie and they rock both styles.

The Carolyn is in a dark wash and can also be dressed up or down, but has a more traditional look to them with the blue denim. Both of these styles are awesome in that they have a no-gap waistband that is a little higher in the back but lower in the waist like I prefer. Curvy Fit Banner_rvLee also sent an Easy Fit Barely Bootcut style that is a much less traditional denim. Instead of a heavy fabric, the Easy Fit jeans feel more like a yoga pant with a ton of stretch to it. Perfect for those days when you don't want to get dressed, but you know you have to, the Easy Fit jeans will be perfect for those early morning walks to and from school.

The stretch waistband of the Easy fit also makes it the perfect jean for when you're sitting for long periods of time and want to be comfortable, such as long road trips or those days when you have 8 blog posts due {not that I would know anything about that}. Easy Fit Banner_rvWhile you're out school shopping for all the kiddos, don't forget about yourself. A few pairs of jeans will definitely get some good wear over the chilly fall and winter, and Lee is the perfect brand to keep you comfortable as well as stylish. With tons of different styles to choose from in various lengths and size ranges, you are bound to find a pair or three of Lee Jeans that you love.

Start shopping at to see their whole line of jeans, khakis, shorts, capris, jackets and even a new jean dress. Or, if you're out school shopping, be sure to stop at a Lee display in your local mall… for you OR the kids. They have a ton of styles available for dressy or casual that can flatter anyone. 

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Lee for sending some jeans for me to rock for back to school this year. As always, all opinions remain 100% ours.

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