Happy Fourth of July from Portland

Happy Fourth of July from Rave and ReviewWith back to back vacations scheduled that had us running for two weeks straight, we decided we needed a low-key Fourth of July holiday. Instead of rushing back up to Gasworks park in Seattle where we normally watch the fireworks, we decided to stick around the Portland area after my cousin's wedding last week and celebrate the Fourth with family down there.

We found out about Fort Vancouver's fireworks display and were told it was the "biggest show West of the Mississippi". I'm not sure if that's true, because instead of waiting in traffic and fighting for parking, we ended up going to a nearby park to watch from there and I'm pretty sure we missed about 30% of the actual show due to tall trees blocking our view.

But, when the show was over we had a few minute walk back to the Mitsubishi Lancer we're borrowing this week and then we were at the hotel in 15 minutes, tops. It ended up being a perfect and relaxing way to celebrate the Fourth, and it gave the kids some extra cousin time which is always nice. Fourth of July girlsDon't they look adorable in their patriotic outfits from Gymboree? It wasn't until a few days before the Fourth that I realized we needed to find something in red, white, and blue for the kids to wear and then I realized that I had scored the girls some matching dresses on sale a few weeks back and a plaid shirt for my son. I've been known to plan so far ahead that I forget, so I love it when I actually remember and even have the forethought to pack my preplanned items for vacation. I'm going to call this whole holiday a win.

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