A whole new way to have fun while building with Geomag Toys

Sponsored postIf I was describing the differences between my toys growing up and the toys my kids love, the biggest differences wouldn't be what you would probably expect. It isn’t technology, computers, or gadgets that set them apart. No, the biggest difference I see is the intelligence in the design of toys these days that takes learning toys to a whole new level.

Instead of basic blocks like I used to play with, now children's building tools are more advanced and so much cooler. Just look at Geomag, the maker of awesome magnetic construction toys that have been huge in Europe for years and are just now re-entering the US market. Geomag constructionUsing super strong magnets within magnetic rods and non-magnetic spheres as well as accessories, the Geomag sets allow you to build not just up, but also out, around, and within so you can build so much more than ever before. Because the magnets hold your design in place, you don’t have to worry about a strong gust of wind knocking everything down and can build in all directions until you have created your masterpiece. Geomag magnets in action

We’re obviously not talking simple towers here. We’re talking geometric towers that have moving parts, spinning movement, and gears that rotate. So, now your masterpiece can flex and move as you build and play with it, all of which is great for developing hand-eye coordination skills. Geomag magnet funBasically, you dream it, and then you build it with Geomag. With unlimited models and simple-to-master construction, Geomag truly lets your child be the designer.

Whether they are building a house…Geomag house… A spinning carnival ride… Geomag building… Or simply making themselves some disguises Geomag glasses 2Since my son loves everything mechanical, I knew the Geomag Mechanics set was perfect for him to build rotating platforms using ball bearings and gears. Using the two magnetic poles {north/south)} it allows you to add movement. Learning about the power of magnets in this way really resonated with him, and it makes the building process as fun as playing with your finished creation. Geomag glassesMy daughter, of course, wanted the Geomag Glitter set. There are very few toys that combine glitter and building, so this on its own is a very big deal, but playing with them was even more exciting. With so many building toys aimed at the boy market, I love that my daughter will grow up in a world where glitter and architecture go hand in hand. Geomag boxesAs you can imagine, when you combine the two sets, the fun grows exponentially. You can build even bigger, add movement, and make even more complex models when you combine parts from both sets and work together. Geomag funI can think of no better way to encourage the kids to use spatial reasoning and design skills, and the best part is that they don’t even realize that their playtime is now infused with STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) because its being introduced in an organic, fun way. Geomag magnetic construction toyGeomag products are priced from $16-$129 MSRP and are produced in Switzerland. They exceed all US and European Safety standards, giving parents peace of mind.

Want to find out more about Geomag and all their building sets? Visit Geomagworld.com and see how you can infuse learning into play time. For even more Geomag fun, you can download the Geomag app from iTunes or Google Play and bring the KOR fun to your tablet or smartphone.

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  1. These look fantastic! My boys just played with something similar at our local museum and loved them. This may be a Christmas present this year!


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