A teddy bear that is changing the world: Bears for Humanity

Sponsored post Can a teddy bear change the worldOn my 30th birthday I got hit by a drunk driver on my way home from renewing my driver’s license with my two small children. While the driver who hit us sped off, our car bounced around the freeway, sliding across loose gravel, and straight into a guard rail, narrowly missing a 30 foot drop.

Eventually, our car ended up in oncoming traffic where kind passersby helped push our car off to the side while we waited for the emergency responders to check us over and assist us. My husband arrived in just minutes to escort us off the freeway and together we got the car to the state patrol’s office to get the accident paperwork.

We were met by two officers upon our arrival at the office parking lot, each holding a teddy bear for our young children. Even just the sight of them standing there holding those bears brought me to tears, and it was in that moment that I understood that teddy bears sometimes are much more than a simple toy. Sometimes they remind you just how much good there is in the world just when you need it most. Our interaction that night with the troopers took just minutes, but I will never forget their kindness to me and my kids that evening.

Sure, there are 30th birthdays ruined by someone having too much fun drinking and not enough sense to utilize public transportation or taxi services. But, there are also passersby who put their lives in danger to save people they don’t even know, and sometimes there are state patrols who hear of young children involved in a serious car accident and take the time out of their busy day to surprise those kids with teddy bears when they need a little comfort. 

Partners-6Bears for Humanity understands that a teddy bear can make all the difference in the world to a child in difficult circumstances. That’s why when you buy one of their gorgeous bears they will send an identical bear to a child who needs it through a number of reputable charitable organizations that you can select from as you buy.

Bears for Humanity hugsSo, now you get to feel doubly good about buying a special friend from Bears for Humanity because you know it's going to make two little ones very happy. Whether it’s to a child with a life-threatening illness, a family in need, or a veteran’s family, you know that the bear you are giving will end up with someone who could use a smile and help make a hard situation a little easier. With Bears for Humanity, you get to give twice the smiles and twice the love.

And while the Bears for Humanity bears are technically two-fers, it should be noted that their bears aren’t low-quality, dime-a-dozen toys. No, this is an heirloom quality bear made with the safest, softest materials possible. And, when you think about what kids do with a bear – sleep with it, play with it, snuggle it, kiss it – it becomes clear that something this important and well-loved should not the time for low-grade materials and cutting corners. That’s why Bears for Humanity took years developing their products, and after thousands of revisions have created what they believe is the perfect teddy bear. Bears for Humanity kissesAnd, I'm inclined to agree with them. Their bears are soft and cuddly with chemical-free, 100% GOTS certified organic faux fur, and stuffed with recycled polyfill. The materials they use are not only naturally antibacterial, but they also wear well so your bear will only get softer and snugglier the longer you love it. In short, it’s the perfect childhood companion: quality construction and materials to handle all of life's adventures, a hug that only gets better with age, and a big heart with lots of love to give.  Bears for Humanity with boyBut, it's not just their bears that are doing something great. Vijay and Renju Prathap, the husband and wife team behind Bears for Humanity, not only make the best organic teddy bear on the market, they are also big advocates of helping their community. By creating jobs in their Northern California hometown for at-risk mothers, fathers, and caregivers through CalWorks, California’s welfare-to-work program, Bears for Humanity is also helping local families in need while creating toys for those in need.  Bears for Humanity with kidsIf that doesn't make you feel like giving, nothing will.

These bears may not be single-handedly saving the world, but they are sure doing their part in changing the world by giving back, helping those in need, and bringing smiles to the faces of everyone who has the pleasure of hugging these sweet bears for themselves.

The next time you are shopping for a present for your special little one, give the gift that gives back and know that you are doing your part to bring a smile when it’s needed most. You may never know which child you are helping, but trust me when I tell you that the kind actions of strangers can make the difference between a very bleak day and one full of positivity and love. Bears for HumanityBears for Humanity sells two different sized organic Buy One/Give One bears – a larger articulated 16” tall bear for $39.99 and a smaller 7” seated bear for $19.99. They also have bear accessories available for purchase for $9.99 – $10.99
Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Bears for Humanity for sending a big bear and a baby bear for the kids to adore. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. Hi,
    I am a small business owner who was put in touch with bears for humanity to make cultural bears for children. The CEO Vijay scammed us and took 5000 dollars from us. I have reported this to the news to help warn others that this company may not be the best to work with. They may merit themselves on charity but they are doing so by scamming small businesses just like mine. I have a paper trail,emails, and a timeline to prove this.

    • Khilna, I appreciate you sharing what happened to you and if you are open to it I would love to speak with you about your experience with Bears for Humanity. Would you be able to please post specifics so we can connect or email me directly? Thank you ([email protected])

  2. Recently purchased 3 sherpa bears from this company. Got them shipped to the UK. I was really excited about these bears as I heard a lot of good things about them and was keen to get some organic and non toxic soft toys to my baby. Unfortunately the bears received were of very poor quality. The faces were squished and the seams were prominent on the faces.
    I emailed their customer service team on 11th July 2023 and have still not got a response from them. Also, they only published positive reviews on their website. I sent my honest feedback and it never got publish. Avoid this company. Their sherpa teddies shed so are not safe for babies. Please AVOID THIS COMPANY!


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