Make BBQ season last all year with 2-in-1 healthy grilling indoors or out from George Foreman

Sponsored postI can’t even tell you how many times our plans to grill have been thwarted by rain. Without a covered area to cook under, grilling in the rain just doesn’t sound fun and we usually end up just using the oven or the stove instead.

If only there was such thing as an indoor/outdoor grill that could safely be used both inside AND outside. Well, that’s exactly what the George Foreman 15 Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill {GFO240GM} is designed to do, and it can make it so inclement weather never ruins your next grilled meal.  George Foreman outdoor grill

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of George Foreman grills, in fact we use our George Foreman Evolve Grill all the time to make some of my absolute favorite recipes indoors. But, I have always wanted a larger grill for when company comes over that could handle larger meat cuts, shishkabobs, or just dinner for the masses. And, if it could be used for our next BBQ party or for using indoors during winter, that would be even better.George Foreman in houseWell, that’s where the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill comes in. With a large 240 sq. in. sloped cooking surface, a domed lid for heat retention and even cooking, and variable temperature controls to help you cook with precision every time, the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill isn’t lacking in features. Plus, it’s fully electric, so you’ll get high quality grilling with no flare-ups.

By using an electronic heating element instead of propane or open flame, it makes it possible to not only cook on your patio but it is also approved for apartment cooking with small decks, and even for use indoors. You can use it on its waist-high base outdoors so you don’t need to use a tabletop to grill, or you can take it off the base completely and bring it inside to use on your counter. George Foreman indoor outdoor grillThis versatility makes it possible for anyone to grill, even if you live in the frozen tundra year-round or you have absolutely no outdoor living space. So now you can eat healthy and enjoy all your favorite grilled foods, without having to wait for perfectly sunny days. George Foreman large grill surfaceGeorge Foreman Healthy Cooking has been on the forefront of fat-reduction cooking for decades, and their appliances make it easy to cook healthy for the whole family. The unique George Foreman slope allows excess fat to drain away from your grilled favorites—up to 42% of fat from a ¼ lb. of uncooked ground chuck.

And, as with all George Foreman Grills, the Indoor/Outdoor Grill has a “George Tough” nonstick coating to keep food from sticking to the grill so you don't need to add oil before cooking. That's why they say "Lose the fat! Not the taste™". Never before has healthy eating been so easy, or delicious.

A little more about this amazing indoor/outdoor electric grill:

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • George Tough™ Nonstick Coating
  • 15 Servings
  • Variable Temperature Control
  • Unique Sloped Surface
  • Removable Stand

You can find out more as well as see their full line of grills and appliances and see more from their family of brands at
Leanne SignatureA big thank you to George Foreman for sending this awesome indoor/outdoor grill for review. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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