Where we were: Washington State tulip festival with kids

Every year we go see the tulips with the kids, and this year we decided to go even earlier than normal after hearing that the tulips were out even before the festival "official" opening. And, I'm really glad we did. Almost no crowds to deal with, great weather for pictures, and beautiful blooms in just about every field rounded out our trip to see the tulips at Roozengaarde in Mount Vernon, Wa. Tulip eyes
Here's just a few of the 200+ pictures of our trip up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival this past weekend. B in tulip fields

Notice that mud on his shirt? Yeah, it was pretty muddy in some spots. By the time we left, we all ended up with a little mud on us, some of us more than others. Luckily, we plan ahead for mud and pack our rubber boots and big bags to hold muddy clothing afterwards. Tulips in waterOh, and of course the obligatory jumping in mud photo. I have quite the collection of pictures featuring my daughter jumping in tulip mud. Tulip mudHaving been for 7 years in a row now, this was the first time we've gone in March instead of late April. But, with the uncharacteristically high temps and our early spring, the best time to see the tulips is now, not at the end of the month. Baby carriers in tulipsSince my sister had so much fun with us last year, we talked her into bringing her two young sons for a day of romping around the mud with us. She didn't even mind when her oldest son walked out of there looking like he had swam through the mud. Just look at these adorable cousins enjoying the tulips together, pre- mud fest 2015. Cousins in tulipsThe fields were even more vibrant than they were in the past and I was happy to see them before Easter so we didn't have to fight the crowds. Me and my babesI love this picture of me and all my babies. It *may* have taken quite a few tries, but it was worth it.
Boys in tulip fieldsAren't my boys simply adorable? Here's a shot of all the boys. Boys in tulipsAnd one of hubby with his girl. Family in tulip fieldAnd, then one of my sister and her little ones. Aren't my nephews the cutest? I just want to smooch them! Jeanne and boys in tulipsBut, of all the shots taken that day, this one is my favorite. Just look at all this love!
Kissing in tulip fieldsAre you going to go see the tulips this year? Check out TulipFestival.org for more information about visiting the tulip fields and see where you can find the most blooms before you go. You can also go to Tulips.com to order direct from Roozengaarde or you can follow them on Facebook to find out more about this year's schedule.
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  1. Wow what beautiful colors, i would love to look outside and see all these in my backyard. So pretty, and what beautiful pictures.

  2. I have been to this Festival and the tulips are really breathtaking when you see them in person! You really took some great shots of the tulips! I bet you had a lot of fun!


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