Start a love of biking early with the smarTrike 4-in-1 trike

Sponsored postOur family is huge into biking and the kids spend all spring, summer, and fall pedaling all over the neighborhood and beyond. But, with a new reviewer that is going to be too young to join in all the biking fun, I wasn't sure what her and I were going to do while the big kids played. Sure, I could push her in the stroller alongside them, but that's a pretty sad consolation to biking with the big kids.

Introducing the smarTrike® Boutique Touch Steering® 4-in-1 trike that can get her out biking even before she can reach the pedals. Besides starting a love of biking earlier than ever, it also has all sorts of little details that make toddlers and parents happy. It might be so cool that even the big kids love it. SmarTrike in stroller modeBeing 4-in-1 allows us to start baby girl on the smarTrike at 10 months and then as she grows we can configure it to fit our needs. Just check out all the ways you can use the smarTrike to grow with your child, or make it useful for families with multiple young kids.  Smartrike 4-in-1

Here's all the stages broken down so you can see how they compare.

Stage 1 – Parent-controlled trike: At 10M+, baby can ride in the comfortable padded seat with high back support and 3-point harness. At this stage parent fully controls the trike while baby rides in comfort, resting their feet on the flip-down footrest. With its patented Touch Steering® technology for easy maneuvering, it's easy to steer even for long rides and can be done one-handed if need be.

Stage 2 – Guided trike: Once baby is 18M+, the high back support can be removed, but the safety bar can remain to protect baby. Parents still fully control the trike, which means you aren't being held hostage by your meandering toddler as they slowly bike down the street. Since we typically ride bikes to local parks or on long walks, this feature cannot be downplayed enough.

Stage 3 – Training trike: At 24M+ you can fold in the footrest and let your child start learning how to pedal while you steer. It's toddler biking, just at a reasonable pace and no complaining of being tired.

Stage 4 – Classic trike: At 36M+ you can remove the parent handle, rotate the red navigator button and transform the trike from stroller mode to classic trike. Your child can now ride independently, which our 4 year old loves.

Smartrike trike stageAs you can see, this little smarTrike can last through four different stages – all the way from baby to preschooler. With just a few adjustments between each stage, it's easy to change up how you roll, including while on the go. Even transitioning from push trike to trike is super easy, as it's mere moments to remove the parent steering bar. How convenient is that? Smartrike removable handleSpeaking of convenience, the smarTrike Boutique Touch Steering 4-in-1 trike has all sorts of fancy features built in for the comfort of baby and parent. From a cup holder for sippy cups and water bottles all the way to two storage bags for treasures large and small, the smarTrike has enough features for all-day adventures.

And, since the sun has a tendency to emerge out of nowhere here in the northwest on our day-long adventures, I love the removable canopy that is attached to the toddler seat. While the canopy is small and not meant to replace sunscreen and proper sun precautions, it is nice for overhead rays – and even a light drizzle.

Oh, and did I mention the kids' favorite feature? That would be the included play cell phone that they like to make fake phone calls on. We haven't even put batteries in it yet but that doesn't stop kids – young and old – from playing with this phone that rides in the front handlebars and is secured by rope so it can't be left at the park. Smartrike phoneTheir second favorite feature would have to be the trike basket that allows them to carry all sorts of treasures with them wherever they roam. Since my kids are famous for their love of all things flora and fauna and typically ask me to carry whatever they collect on our journeys, I love this basket almost as much as they do.  SmarTrike basketReally, the whole family adores the smarTrike in all its various configurations. Judging from how much my older kids have been begging to ride the smarTrike, I think it's safe to say that baby girl is going to really love rolling in it to get the big kids from school or for all our many park dates in the coming warmer months.

Speaking as the parent who is likely going to be pushing the smarTrike daily, I already love it and would highly recommend it to any parents. Whether you want your kids to have a love of biking from an early age or you have one of those kids who refuse to sit in a stroller, the smarTrike is the perfect solution that can grow from baby to toddler. It has all the high quality features I would look for in a trike, but also has so many really cool touches that will grow with our family through all our kids.

The smarTrike® Boutique Touch Steering® 4-in-1 trike is available for $149.99 on the smarTrike website as well as retailers such as Toys R Us.

Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to smarTrike for sending Boutique Touch Steering 4-in-1 trike for review. All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this very Rave Review.

6 thoughts on “Start a love of biking early with the smarTrike 4-in-1 trike”

  1. This is a really great bike and so cute! My nephew would look so much fun on this bike. I think it is easy to use and looks like so much fun to ride.

  2. we have something similar to this but this one is much cuter. I love the little phone. I cant tell if yours has the little stand on the back. My kids love to push each other on thei bike , one peddles and one rides on the back like a skateboard

  3. Love how this grows with your child, very cool design, love the storage on this too, great for summer festivals and going downtown with.


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