Plan ahead for play time with Rayovac

Sponsored postRemember a few weeks ago when I was reminding you to run out and purchase batteries for all the new treasures your children were going to find under the tree this holiday season? Well friends, I'm here to tell you I failed. Yes, I stocked up on batteries. I even got more batteries than I knew I needed.

But, you know what I forgot? The fact that other people would also be buying for my kids and they were going to come home from Christmas with friends and family with new toys that took batteries in sizes we almost never carry. Can you say "planning fail"?

Luckily these gatherings were a few days before Christmas and we had time to run to stores to pick up the odd sized battery pack or two, but I still felt really bad telling the kids that they couldn't play with their new toys. If this had been Christmas morning or even the days following when we had gathering after gathering, it could have ended much, much worse! 6a0105362badb1970b01a73df8d1ea970d-800wi

So, here's a new mom tip for you to add to my previous post: keep an array of Rayovac batteries in stock for future holidays and events, not just the standard sizes. As of this little mishap I've now got numerous packages of Rayovac ready to go for any surprise gifts.Rayovac costs lessSave money year round by switching to Rayovac, and save headaches by stocking up ahead of time. You will thank yourself later when you can spend more time playing and less time running to the store last-minute!

Check out the full line of Rayovac products on the Rayovac website and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “Plan ahead for play time with Rayovac”

  1. I was also scurrying to buy batteries on Christmas. I am surprised that toys today don’t come rechargable like phones and tablets. Hasbro and Mattel must be in cahoots with the battery manufacturers!!!!!

  2. We have used Rayovac batteries in the past and have been quite pleased. I think these batteries are just as good as Energizer and Duracell.

  3. I agree with David that more toys need to come with RECHARGABLE batteries instead of filling up landfills with dead batteries.


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