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Sponsored postRemember last year when I was raving about Well, it's been almost a year since we received our daughter's personalized locket and with every month it's become more and more special to her. She still shows it to everyone and wants to talk about how it was made special just for her, and it's the first thing she looks to when she needs something sentimental to get her through a day without us or a tough day at school. PIctures on GoldSo, when Pictures on Gold asked us if we wanted to create another special piece for the holiday, we couldn't say yes fast enough. We all decided that the new baby needed a special necklace just for her that would match her sister and we got to work making a locket for her.

From clip art to special pictures to personalized messages, Pictures on Gold can custom create anything you dream up. We used the interactive “Build Your Own Locket” application on the website lets you do just that and allows you to control every single detail.

Each step of the way you choose what your item will look like. Drop in some clip art from the Pictures on Gold files and you can rotate it, enlarge it, and move it around your jewelry. No more worrying about whether the art is going to be too big, too small, or just plain wrong on the piece that you choose, because you control everything and view it as you go. It’s a simple step-by-step process, which makes it easy to become the artist.

So Instead of merely typing in a message, choosing a font and hoping it will look all right, with Pictures on Gold you can control everything. You can see the font, preview the spacing and choose what line each word falls on, which I love. Pictures on Gold infoI was really excited when I started the Build Your Own Locket process to see what options I could choose between. Choosing a clip art piece for the top of the locket was easy because Pictures on Gold had a flower art piece that was similar to the one we used last year but different enough so that they both had a unique piece. Once I found the flower, I played around with it and positioned it similar to how I did the last locket and made it roughly the same size, all using their system. Locket front
For the inside, I wanted to do something a bit different and chose to do a fancy monogram on one side and then a picture on the other side in the same etched look as the original locket. Once I sized the picture to the locket I then rotated it until the heart shape of the image mirrored the locket shape.

Seeing the monogram and picture in the designer ahead of time was really awesome as it was easy to see exactly what the piece would look like and be able to make these decisions based on how they look, not just how I imagine they might look. This made it so much easier than having a page of notes for their artists describing the heart shaped images and having them make the decisions themselves about placement and colors.

All that was left now was designing the back, and I chose a personal message just like the first locket using her nickname and middle name. I typed it into the designer, checked both fonts to see which looked better with the design, played with spacing until it was perfect, and then my jewelry was complete. Once it was done, I previewed and then ordered it, and within minutes I had an email waiting for me in my inbox with a confirmation. Pictures on Gold screenshotAnd, that's it. In a few days my package arrived and I was holding the baby's locket and trying to tear up imagining my daughters wearing their matching necklaces filled with messages of love from their daddy and I. They truly are going to become heirloom pieces and I couldn't be happier about that. Pictures on Gold packageSeriously, just look at how amazing this gorgeous heart locket looks. It's even more gorgeous in person. locketJust like my older daughter's beloved locket {below}, I know that this locket is going to be one she can cherish for years and years to come, and that makes me so incredibly happy. There are very few presents you can get a baby that you are certain will go with them wherever they roam and the lockets from Pictures on Gold definitely fit that bill. Locket openAre you ready to personalize your own locket? Use the promo code HOLIDAY 14 at checkout for a 10% discount for all orders placed on our website PicturesOnGold by December 23, 2014.

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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Pictures on Gold for sending a locket for review as well as one for one lucky reader. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. I’d make it for myself. It’d have pictures of my sons in it (one of whom’s deceased) It would be one way to carry them with me always – and yes I’ve tried the regular lockets but they’re always cheap looking and I like the idea of the engraving of the picture rather than me cutting up one of my pictures to try to fit it into a locket.


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