Build & Imagine with Malia’s Beach House

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My daughter loves to build. Whether we’re talking bricks, blocks, or random items she’s squirreled away just for her building purposes, she’s all about it. And, while she’s really good at following directions and building pre-designed buildings and objects, I’ve noticed that she really prefers building toys where she can be the designer. That’s where Build & Imagine sets come in. Build_and_imagine_logo_500x150

Build & Imagine is a brand new line of magnetic construction sets that inspire kids to build whatever they would like. Their unique magnetic dual-sided building panels make it easy for even kids as young as 4 to create structures that they can play with using their included accessories and magnetic dolls.Build and Imagine doll houseBy putting your child in the role of designer and architect, you are giving them the keys to all sorts of imaginative play. They can decide what panels to utilize in their design, which rooms they want to create, and they can even decorate and play when they are done building.

Giggling with Build and ImagineWhen my daughter got her first glimpse at the pieces of the Build & Imagine Malia’s Beach House set laid out, her eyes just lit up and she instinctively knew just what to do. She started stacking up the walls and floors to create rooms without any help from me and then began decorating her home. It was only after she had been playing for a bit that she saw the Malia’s Beach House package and she decided to try and build triangle shaped rooms like the picture, which I thought was pretty cool.  Build and Imagine joyShe played and designed for hours with each structure getting even more grand than the last, and I loved to see how her building evolved from basic squares to tri level designs. Of course, her brother had to get in on the building as well and help her design a beach house for them to play with which led to even more fun and cooperative play. Build and Imaine cooperative playBut, as fun as the Build & Imagine sets are, these skills they are learning aren’t just about play time. The Build & Imagine toys were developed to help kids learn basic skills of science, technology, engineering and math {STEM} while still appealing to children like mine that love dolls, make believe, and storytelling. Build and Imagine decoratingMalia’s Beach House contains two dolls {Malia and Skyler}, 16 dual-sided building panels including indoor and outdoor scenes, floors and roof pieces, a door that can open and close, and more than 40 magnetic accessories including clothing, pets, and décor. Build & Imagine story wallsEach Build & Imagine set is fun to play with on their own to build, design, and play with the included magnetic dolls and accessories, but I can imagine they are even more exciting when you get multiple sets to mix and match. For this reason, I love that they have the Coastal Community collection that includes all three of their playsets so you can build and play even more.

You can find out more about Build & Imagine as well as order sets directly from their webstore. You can also connect with Build & Imagine on Twitter and Facebook.
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