Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro car seat offers safety and comfort to grow with your child

Sponsored postAs a parent, I want to keep my kids as safe as humanly possible. That has meant extended rear facing, five point harnesses as long as they fit the weight/height maximums of their seats, and never allowing my children to just simply use adult belts because their peers are allowed to.

For us, graduating to a booster seat is a very big deal, and we took our time coming to the decision of when we would do it, which vehicle we would switch first, and what brand would help us make the leap. When I met Kiddy USA at The Baby Ladies BlogHer Baby Shower, I knew that this was a company that valued safety as much as I do, and I couldn't wait to work with them to help make our "big kid" transition from five point to the Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro seat.
Kiddy happy passengerJust look at this happy "big girl" sitting in her new seat.

Although safety was obviously our first concern, fit of seat, and size of the seat are major factors since we're not a minivan family. In a few months we're going to be squished into a compact sedan or a station wagon with an infant, and seating is going to make or break our ability to ride as a family.

That being said, I very much appreciate the compact footprint of the Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro that has all the protection I require, but it doesn't make it impossible to fit next to other car seats for fitting 3 deep. Here’s just a few of the reasons we decided on the Kiddy USA Cruiserfix Pro:

Excellent SIP – We’ve all seen those booster seats that are nothing more than a raised seat to help align the seatbelt, but that wasn’t enough for me to feel safe with the kids while driving. Kiddy prides itself on its  Superior Side Impact Protection (SIP), and the Cruiserfix Pro did not disappoint with extra protection around the vulnerable head and shoulders of your child. Plus, it makes it easier for them to rest their weary heads while traveling. Kiddy head rest
Kiddy side impact protectionCushion the Blow – By utilizing proven ‘crumple zone’ technology from the car industry Kiddy has created the patented Kiddy Shock Absorber (KSA) that is situated on both sides of the seat shell. The vehicle seatbelt rests against the KSA when installed properly, and in the event of a collision, the force of impact is transferred into the KSA and deforms the special crumple zone materials inside.  Kiddy shock absorberEven a toddler can use it correctly – A safe seat does no good if it’s not used correctly, which is why I cringe when I see kids in boosters that are leaning around the seatbelt, slumped in the seats, or simply not sitting straight so that the belt hits in the proper areas. This is why I love the integrated diagonal belt guide that allows the vehicle seatbelt to be positioned properly across your child’s chest and collar bone that is critical for keeping them safe. Kiddy seat belt threaderKiddy K-fix Connectors – Speaking of using your seat correctly for the safest ride possible, I should admit that I hate installing car seats. I refuse to do it because I’m scared I’m going to do it wrong, which has become a big problem when hubby isn’t around. But, with the Kiddy K-Fix Connectors, it’s super easy to connect to your vehicle's LATCH system located between the seat back and seat cushion. Don’t need LATCH? Then you will love the handy retraction mechanism that lets you hide the Kiddy K-fix Connectors easily. Kiddy Latch connectorsDurable and washable cover – Kids are inherently messy so I love that the Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro cover can be easily removed and machine washed on delicate. The breathable Thermotex fabric hides small spills nicely, but even the cleanest of kids need their seats scrubbed from time to time, so I love that it’s possible to throw it in the wash and not have to use a manual to reassemble.

Grow with me – The Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro is designed to protect children from 4 to 12 years old, so I love that it can “grow” with your child in height as well as seat length. With Kiddy’s two unique adjustment mechanisms, it allows for the height and width of the seat to be altered with just one squeeze off a hand. This means you can adjust for multiple kids or for when your child seemingly grows overnight.   Kiddy seat adjuster Kiddy expanding seatBasically, the seat addressed all of our safety concerns {and more}, making this transition from five point to booster a whole lot less stressful for us… which, in turn, made the process a whole lot more fun for our daughter.
Kiddy CruiserFix seats

Want to find detailed specs of and videos showing all these amazing features? Check out the site for more information. The Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro comes in all the colors shown above, and is available for purchase on the Kiddy USA store or in select retailers.

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  1. I love it! We have just the last one left to worry about car seats as she grows, but this looks great! I love the extra cushioning around the head area – so much safer in case of impact!


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