Work on the go made easy with a Free T Mobile 4G Data Plan for Life

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When many people think of work from home, they have images of working from anywhere but an office – whether that’s a park, a beach, the pool, or even while on vacation. The reality is that cords and Wi-Fi don’t reach that far, and some days I feel like I'm tied to my computer since it's so hard to do some tasks over smartphone. Thank goodness I found out about T Mobile free tablet data that solves the problem of working on the go, without requiring a separate Wi-Fi device or easy access to coffee shops. Welcome to my office

Aside from blogging, I also work from home a few hours every day for a local company handling their social media and doing freelance work. The original ad I responded to said "work from home or work from the beach – it's up to you!" and I loved the idea of both. But, the reality of working from home while on the go has been a lot of waiting for assignments and trying to find Wi-Fi to do simple tasks that would take seconds in an office, but end up consuming much of my day as I try and do them via smartphone or in coffee shops.

Before now, this is what working on vacation looked like. Notice that it doesn’t actually look like a vacation since the view is the kitchen of the condo we rented. Also notice that there’s no one else around because they are all out enjoying sightseeing and swimming while I’m stuck working. Working on vacationBut, all of that changed when I heard about the TMobile Trio AXS 7.85” 4G Tablet that isn’t just Wi-Fi enabled, it is actually a 4G connected tablet. With the Free Data for Life plan included with the #TabletTrio you can get up to 200MB of free data each month for the life of the tablet on TMobile’s advanced nationwide 4G network, and it all comes at the low price of $179 from Walmart. Trio Tablet in storeDon't worry, they did have the AXS Trio Tablet in stock even though it wasn't on their tablet display table. Within minutes of purchasing the tablet, the TMobile employees had it all set up and ready for our vacation the next day, which I couldn't have been more excited about.  AXS Trio TabletCan you blame me for being excited? With all the accessibility of a smartphone and the convenience of a tablet, it’s simple to get work done from anywhere, which means I can ditch the office every once in a while. I can leave home without having to set up an out of office message or pay a monthly premium to connect my tablet to my current phone plan, all of which makes me very happy.

And, for those who want or need more than 200MB per month of Free Data for Life on their TMobile connected tablet, there are affordable, flexible and overage-free tablet data plans for every type of user – whether you're checking email, the weather or Facebook, or you're looking to stream music or video. For me 200MB is perfect since I can connect to the Wi-Fi at home and at my office, but still have the 4G coverage for when there's no Wi-Fi in sight. Trio Tablet up closeThe Android Jelly Bean Trio AXS tablet is a good size at 7.85" and has a Quad Core 1.2GHz, 1GB DDR3 processor. It also has a front and rear camera, has 16GB of memory as well as an expandable microSD slot, and comes with Google Play for loading apps, music, books and games to your tablet. While I'm mostly excited about using it for work and for blogging, it clearly is equipped to do that and so much more.

I took the Trio AXS tablet on vacation with us last week and was so excited to have a backup plan for connecting to work after experiencing really spotty Wi-Fi in previous years. While I still used the condo’s Wi-Fi at night while I worked, it was really awesome to be able to throw the Trio AXS tablet in my purse to take down to the beach and to the pool. No more running back to the condo to send this attachment or that, and no worrying that I wouldn’t be able to be reached all day while we were out with the kids. Tablet at beachBut, possibly the best perk of using the tablet was that when I logged off for the weekend and officially switched to family time, I didn’t have a huge laptop I had to deal with carting around reminding me what was waiting for me come Monday. Instead, I had a small and portable tablet that I could use to read a book, listen to music, or watch movies on during my time off.

As summer vacation comes to a close and we switch back to school mode, the Trio AXS will once again come in very, very handy. With two kids in two different schools and two different drop off and pickup times, it will be so helpful to have a connected tablet that can enable me to keep up with work during the many points of downtime I will have. Instead of handing work a three page document detailing the times I will and won’t be available around pick up and drop off and with the start of extracurricular activities, I can simply use the connected tablet to fill in the gaps of time I’m sitting waiting and get work done from the parking lots, which means more family time once the kids get home.

Whereas before I would pick up kids and immediately head back to my home office to get work done, with the TMobile connected tablet I can truly work from anywhere. So, whether it’s an impromptu playdate or a quick walk through the neighborhood to get some energy out before heading home for naps, I can relax knowing that if an emergency arises and I need to do a quick spreadsheet or send an email, I can do so on the go without worry and get right back to playing with the kiddos. Trio tabletFor me, having the Trio AXS tablet doesn't just mean I don't have to drag my laptop with me wherever I go, it means that I get the freedom to work wherever I want to, whenever I want to. No longer am I chained to my desk waiting on work or having to leave the park early after getting an urgent email, because I can handle most everything on the go and not have to pay a huge monthly bill for a connected tablet.
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13 thoughts on “Work on the go made easy with a Free T Mobile 4G Data Plan for Life”

  1. LOVE the idea of working from the beach. Since my kids are always doing something or another I think this would be a great way to check in at work and get anything important taken care of. #client

  2. That looks awesome! I’ve been wanting a tablet with cell service but I only really need it every once in a while so I didn’t want an expensive plan. Looks like I’ll be heading to walmart soon.

  3. Yes, can I have your office? Please! We are always on the go for one reason or another and I would love to be able to do work on the go or take school with us. We just purchased the same tablet and I can’t wait to really use it. Free data is awesome!

  4. That is awesome! I am always on the go with the kids and I attempted (for the first time ever) to work from my smart phone the other day to fix something for a client and oye – that was the hardest thing ever! I don’t know how people can work strictly from their smart phone all the time! This seems like a great solution!

  5. How awesome! I’ve never been able to get my phone to work as a hotspot and am constantly struggling with wifi issues so this tablet would be awesome!


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