Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue is in theaters now

On the morning of my son’s third birthday, he came running into our bedroom to wake us up. He wasn’t wondering about cake or parties or even presents, what he really wanted to know was when he could be a fire fighter. When I explained to him that he had to be grown up – not just merely older – to fight fires, his face fell. I felt so bad for the little guy that I promised him that we would get him a fire fighter outfit and make him a fire engine so he could play fire fighter all day long. 6a0105362badb1970b019affe662a6970d-800wiIt’s been 9 months since then and his obsession with fire fighters has only grown, so as soon as I heard about Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue coming to theaters this summer, I knew I had to take him. He already had a deep love for Dusty from the first Disney Planes movie, so I was anticipating he would fall hard for the new film as well.

As it turns out, he loved it even more than I ever imagined. All week long, the kids have been fighting their own pretend fires at home while playing Planes: Fire and Rescue and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve said it before, but I love the Planes movies and their characters. So many characters in movies these days go through a transformation from arrogant to humble and it is really refreshing to see a character full of heart from the beginning of the film. Just like in the first film, Dusty proves himself to be a truly nice guy {er, plane} who will do anything for friends, even if it means going well out of his comfort zone. 6a0105362badb1970b01901eb26de5970b-800wiBut, as the film title would imply, this new Planes movie isn’t just about racing as the first one was. The second film added in a new twist: the fire and rescue theme. It still played with the ideas of courage, confidence, and friendship, but this time the threat wasn’t just fear – it was blazing wildfires that added an extra level of drama and excitement to the film.

Of course, the film also had a great supporting cast with tons of new characters that gave the story an extra level of comedic-relief. These new characters gave new opportunities to learn and explore the idea of friendship and second chances. In one of the stories of Dusty's new friends there was an awesome cameo of "CHoPS", a play on the TV show "CHiPS", which hubby and I especially appreciated given that hubby's great uncle worked on the 70sTV show. 

One of my favorite new characters is Dipper {voiced by Julie Bowen} that my kiddos keep quoting from the movie, Maru, who can fix anything, and Windlifter, who added lots of opportunities for laughter. I also really like the Smokejumpers, which my son is obsessed with because of the way that they clear the debris from the fires.
Download Race To The Rescue Activities Disney's Planes: Fire and Recue is in theaters now and is bound to be a huge movie of the summer. I would highly recommend taking the little ones to see it, and maybe even picking up a Planes diecast or ten on your next shopping trip. My kiddos have been playing with their toys nonstop since the movie was announced, but even more so now that they have seen the film.

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  1. I know my son would love to see this movie. Sadly, we live in a rural area and it is playing a mere 3 hours away from us. I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD.


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