Stay cool this summer with Nerf’s newest Soakers

Sponsored post basic disclosureOh summer, how I love you. Hanging out all day and never having to put on socks, making sun tea and eating fresh fruit, and keeping cool anyway you can.

This is our newest way to keep cool, sent to us by our friends at Nerf. Nerf SoakersHeads up: if you come over, you might want to be prepared to get wet. Either that, or bring cake. We don’t shoot anyone carrying dessert.

Squirt gunsSure, when I was young we had squirt guns, but they looked like the ones above that hold approzimately 1oz of water so you had to refill every 10 seconds and they had all the soaking capacity of a spray bottle. These? Well, let’s just say that they call them Super Soakers for a reason.

    Nerf Super Soaker crossbow

First up is the Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow, which is exactly what it sounds like. It is shaped like a crossbow and its arms deploy for 2 different modes of soakage so you can get triple the soaking action and really drench your target. Holding 40oz of water and launching a crazy 38ft, no one is safe around you anymore.

This is my son's weapon of choice for watering the plants for me, and he uses it in both crossbow and traditional modes depending on his mood.
Super Soaker plant watering

What a sweet little helper.

Nerf Rebelle soaker

Next, we have my daughter's dream soaker – the Nerf Rebelle Dolphina Bow Super Soaker. It may not hold as much water as the Tri Strike, but at 25oz, it certainly holds enough. It's got a really powerful stream and it's really easy for even young kids to do easily. Which may or may not be a perk, depending on who is holding the soaker.     

Since my daughter adores the whole Rebelle line, it's really no surprise that this is the Super Soaker she picked for herself. I just wish I had ordered two so her and I could have Rebelle water fights together. Nerf Rebelle Dolphina bowAre you without a pool but you still want some awesomely fun water play? Check out the full line of Nerf Super Soakers and you can each pick your favorite. You're basically guaranteed to have the "cool house" all summer long. No pun intended.
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  1. First may I say that the kids are super cute! My son loved and still loves Nerf for over 20 years! They make something fun for just about everyone. But these would be great here in the summer, it’s already hot! I’d love to surprise my husband with one! *hehe*


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