Seattle getaway: Tacoma, WA with kids

Any guesses where these Volkswagen-loving kids were?

Volkswagen kids

I'll give you another hint: Running in Le May Museum

Yes, that's right, it's a car museum. I somehow ended up at LeMay Museum in Tacoma this past weekend, AKA "America's Car Museum" to see their VeeDub exhibit with the family and the grandparents. With Volkswagen camper vans, beetles, historic vehicles, and unique collectibles like the "Love Bug", the kids were in heaven running around and finding their favorites. Love Bug
If anyone ever doubted how much I love my hubby and my kiddos, the fact that I stepped foot inside a car museum should be proof enough.
Surprisingly, the museum itself ended up being a lot of fun, and thankfully it was very kid-friendly. At the end of the first floor there was a nice outdoor space that the kids could run around and get drenched in.

Outside Le May museum

Then we spent about 30 minutes watching the mesmerizing slot cars race around what is quite possibly the cutest slot car track known to man. Slot car racing

Slot car track
And, when we got a few floors down and the kids {and I} really started to get restless, we found their Family Zone, a big kids area that they could play around in. They drove cars, raced wooden cars, colored, and played with an adorable train set while the guys finished up the rest of the museum. Kids driving Wooden race cars

LeMay Train table
After the museum, we had to check out Learning Sprout, a local toy store in downtown Tacoma that we had heard great things about. Learning Sprout Toys
They had a huge selection of Schleich, dress up clothing, Moulin Routy, Playmobil, and more that I could have browsed through for hours. Moulin Roty at Learning Sprout
But, the one thing I was super excited about because I've never seen it in retail anywhere else is the Lundby dollhouse line. We're working on a miniature project and I just wanted to be in the presence of the Lundby cuteness while I got ideas for what we could do with our dollhouse. Lundby dollhouse
We ended up leaving there with some Lundby accessories and some items from the clearance room upstairs and then spent the next day setting up our house with our new littles.

All in all, it was an awesome, albeit quick, trip to Tacoma with the kiddos and the grandparents. Tacoma downtown
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  1. What an adorable picture! Your kids are so cute! I love your little guys expression next to his sister looking so sweet.


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