SchoolKidz by Staples makes back to school easy

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Oh back to school, how I dread you! More than just having to give up my sweet kiddos for hours every day, I also dread the whole back to school process of each new school year. This next year is going to be even harder for me as I will officially be without my firstborn The thought is enough to bring me to tears, so I have no idea how on earth I’m going to cope once Kindergarten is a distant memory and serious school starts. 
Image001But, while I can’t do anything to ease my growing separation anxiety, I know where I’m going to turn to make our transition as easy as possible: SchoolKidz by Staples. Designed to make back to school easier than ever for busy parents, SchoolKidz handles all the supplies and school lists, including all the tissues I’m going to be needing come September.

It may seem really early to be talking back to school because the kids are still in school for a few more months, but some things are worth planning ahead for. By setting your account up now and encouraging your child’s school to get involved, you can make back to school not only easier for yourself, but also for the entire school by making shopping for school and classroom supplies as easy as a few clicks.
School Kidz sample pack

This is an example of what you can get through their program, and includes everything from pencils and paper to classroom supplies and even book bags at competitive prices.SchoolKidz school packAnd, even better than that is that the supplies all come neatly packaged in color coded and labeled cardboard storage boxes {or time capsule} that are designed for storing all the millions of art projects and papers that come home throughout the year. I've been using one of these for a few months now and I love that it is easy to store, easy to access when needed, and it is a snapshot into this school year that will become a great keepsake. SchoolKidz time capsule
In addition to being so convenient for busy parents who don't want to spend hours searching through required lists and then tracking those {sometimes hard-to-find} items down in retail, SchoolKidz also provides an easy fundraising opportunity to make much-needed money for the school.
Really, it's a win, win for the school and for the parents.

Parents don't have the stress and the hassle of finding each individual item throughout different retailers which makes it easier to ensure the school gets the supplies they need from each family, and the school gets money back that they can use to improve educational programs.

PTPA logoSetting up a school account is easy and it doesn't take long to create supply lists for each class, and it sure beats printing out a bunch of flyers. And, once the lists are created, revising them is simple and makes future years lists easier than ever. By starting now and urging your school to sign up, you can make back to school shopping as easy as a few clicks for you as well as for the rest of your school.

I don't know about you, but I know I'm going to appreciate that come August when the stores are all packed and picked through!

Find out more about this PTPA Award-winning service at or at the SchoolKidz Facebook page.
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9 thoughts on “SchoolKidz by Staples makes back to school easy”

  1. You can easily do those things if you are just well prepared, but it’s nice to have a solution if you end up running out of time

  2. BEWARE of School kidz aka Staples, this is the second school year we purchased the supply kit and both years it was SCREWED UP, school kidz sucks as a company and has no quality control. The first time it had a couple missing items but the second time not only did it not show up until the 1st day of school but was missing over $20 worth of products!!!!!!! Two other students in my daughters class had the same problem!!!!!! Customer service sucked when I left 2 messages and still no call backs. Don’t waste your money, don’t buy from school kidz or staples. They are a RIP OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Beware of this company. Our PTA did business with them the first year with success. This year, they waited until less than a week before school to tell us they weren’t going to fulfill the order. Now our PTA is scrambling through picked over supplies trying to right Schoolkidz’ wrong. I spent $100, and I expect better. I will never shop Staples and will tell everyone who will listen what a joke this is. I also left a negative Better Business Bureau complaint. They earned it!

  4. Our box this year didn’t arrive. It is now day 4 of school and I’m requesting a refund from the company. I’ll purchase the supplies myself. My order was placed last school year in May.

  5. Our school has ordered from here three years in a row and all three years nothing but issues. First year our we were told our workers are on strike at the warehouse, next we ran out of notebooks and awaiting shipment, now this year our final year that we will be ordering since they continue to have these unforeseen and unmanageable problems our warehouse is back logged and behind schedule. This is just uncalled for and unprofessional you can’t run a business like this. When someone has a signed contract and children are not only waiting for notebooks and in school supplies but Lunch kits and backpacks that’s a problem.

  6. Our school has yet to open but we were assured by the company that all supplies would be here by Friday. We are still waiting. We are very disappointed with the lack of concern and communication from them.

  7. Wow, I had never heard of anyone having issues until recently, and it looks like you’re not alone, unfortunately. I hope they made it right with your school and everyone got the supplies they ordered {and then some}.

  8. That’s just awful, Joy! I’ve never worked with them before this year in a school capacity, but it seems as if they did an awesome job on their first year with us. I hope this year is a whole lot better for your school and they help make whatever issues happened previously right with you and the school.


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