The Zaycon Foods experience

Enough people have asked me about my Zaycon Foods experience this fall that I thought I would share it here so you can see how the whole thing works.

Missed my first post and don't know what Zaycon is? Here's what you need to know:

Zaycon Foods is a fairly new company started here in Washington State two years ago as a Zayconfoodsmeans of offering natural, hormone free meats at bulk prices all across the US.Instead of traditional delivery services, Zaycon calls itself a “drive thru” meat market that allows you to order online and then pick up during one of their many events across the US in a matter of minutes – no unloading kids or searching through the grocery store to find the best deals.

Now that you have a bit of background, here's my Zaycon story:

  1. We placed an order with Zaycon for 40lbs of chicken to be delivered in October.
  2. I cleared out freezer space like a mad woman in preparation of 40LBS OF CHICKEN. My family dined on some crazy meals in my clearing spree.
  3. A few days before the chicken event near us, I got reminder emails so I wouldn’t accidentally miss it.
  4. The day of the chicken event, I drove my car to the church where the event was taking place where there were maybe 2 cars in line in front of me. In about 3 minutes I was talking with the Zaycon reps, confirming my delivery, and then accepting my chicken, which came boxed and covered in plastic sheeting to contain any juices that may seep out of the internal packages. I never even got out of the car, and my kids stayed buckled.
  5. Within 5 minutes of arriving, I was leaving the parking lot with my order. That's roughly 10x faster than any grocery store trip with two kids if anyone is wondering.
  6. I drove home and began a 2 hour process in which I packaged the chicken into smaller portions, cleaned up after myself, and then I split the chicken packages in between the fridge and two freezers to store them. All in all, I washed my hands over 50 times in this process because I am absolutely crazy about raw meat – especially chicken.

Zaycon Chicken
The only part that I did not like about the process was the last step, as 2 hours is far too long to be dealing with raw meat. If I had to do it all over again {and I definitely will}, I will make sure I have someone here to help me with the chicken once I get it home. If one person had the designated clean hands and the other handled the raw meat, this process would have taken about ¼ of the time as most of the 2 hours was honestly spent scrubbing my hands in between tasks.

But how does it taste, you ask? Zaycon chicken tastes amazing – perfectly plump and juicy with none of the yucky stuff I normally have to cut off grocery store cuts. It is tender enough to cut with a fork, which makes it perfect for just about anything, including salads, sandwiches and more.

Cooking chicken
Note: It may not look like it in these pictures, but this chicken is HUGE. Pictured above is one butterfly cut chicken breast broken into three pieces. They are easily over 2" thick and even my family of four has leftovers after each Zaycon meal.

Wondering more about how Zaycon Foods works? Watch this video to find out how you order and pick up your groceries:


Want to find out more about Zaycon Foods and see if they are having a sales event near you? Click here to get started and you just might ditch the grocery store for good.

You can follow Zaycon Foods on Twitter and like Zaycon Foods on Facebook to find out even more about how the program works as well as local sales.

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